Why is Bitcoin-Twitter suddenly so obsessed with the essay “Anatomy of the State?”

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It makes sense Jack Dorsey is a Twitter guru. The mind behind Twitter used its platform to promote “Anatomy Of the State,” an essay by Murray N. Rothbard. Slowly, the Austrian School of Economics is becoming mainstream consciousness. Dorsey has taken a new approach to Bitcoin ideals and is now a more focused and dedicated person. And crypto-Twitter responded in different ways. Rothbard’s Name Trended This Weekend

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The tweet that started it all was a joke. is a dedicated institution that distributes the.pdf file free of charge. “To promote teaching and research at the Austrian School of Economics, and individual freedom, honest history and international peace, in the tradition of Ludwig von Mises and Murray N. Rothbard.“About the incident and the increased attention they received as well as Dorsey’s decision. The institution said:

Dorsey’s article on bitcoin and money is not related to Murray N. Rothbards 1974 essay “The founding of the United States.”State anatomy. “This brief missive may be Rothbard’s most direct and concise attack against government as an institution, and it does have some meaning.

It’s more than a trial. What does he think about the government?

Summary of “Anatomy of the State”.

This book is very deep and covers many difficult concepts and truths. The monopoly of violence. The fallacy of the “social contract” concept How governments use the “social contract”Economic interests acquired”To keep us at bay. “The alliance between the state & intellectuals. “War. Revolution. Alliances between different states. Social power. State power. It is a lot. However, we could summarize“ Anatomy of the State ”with this example he provides:

“A method of birth of a state can be illustrated as follows: in the hills of southern ‘Ruritania’, a group of bandits manages to gain physical control of the territory, and finally the leader of the bandits proclaims himself ‘King sovereign and independent. government of Southern Ruritania ”; and, if he and his men have the strength to maintain this rule for a while, voila! A new state was added to the “family of Nations” and the former bandits were made into the legitimate nobility.

That is what explains the world that we live in.

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Okay, but what does Rothbard do with Bitcoin?

The Institute has linked Dorsey’s “Anatomy Of the State” tweet to this:

This is the one that refers to This is a stunning siteThis graphic uses simple graphics to show how things got worse after Nixon separated the US dollar and gold. This spawned the Fiat Age of Currency. The time we live in. This is directly connected to the Austrian School of Economics.

Only Austrian economists are able to consistently criticize pure fiat currency, which means that only Austrians have something to say about Nixon’s definitive closing of the gold buyback. The central fiscal and monetary authority does not need to be able to explain how money becomes a highly-salable commodity like it is in the Mengerian and Miserian theories. It doesn’t require any state.

Do you know what else is independent of any central authority or state? Bitcoin is the most powerful currency ever created.

What is solid Silver and how do you get it?

And it ties “Anatomy Of the State” to our sister website’s book club. They also discuss “The Bitcoin Standard”. Healthy money is defined as:

Austrian economists say that “Understanding marketability and what the market would prefer for money was the key to making the most of your money.Saifedean ammous adds another thing.

“… The sellability of silver according to the will of its holder and not of another party. These criteria combined create a complete understanding about sound money. Money that is freely chosen by market and money wholly controlled by the person who legitimately earned them in the free marketplace.

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The human family does not need South Ruritania as an independent government to decide how much money it should spend. We have Bitcoin. We have Bitcoin.

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