Why are Chinese banks adding digital yuan to their apps? Here’s the scoop

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The digital currency (CBDC) of the Chinese central banking is slowly expanding to more customers. This can be seen when 35 Chinese banks have integrated the digital yuan into their mobile applications.

According to a local ReportThe RMB digital application reveals that more banks have been added to the interface. Previously, there were only six public banks available on the digital app.

These banks also have access the digital renminbi app to top up digital wallets with RMB. Banks can include rural credit unions, rural commercial bank branches, rural credit banks, joint stock companies, urban commercial banks, and rural commercial banking.

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The Shanghai Securities Journal report also indicates that digital currency is being adopted by small and medium-sized banks. According to the state newspaper, these financial companies are trying to offer eCNY services to customers.

How the digital Yuan test progressed

The six largest state banks in China have been involved in the testing of the digital currency since the beginning. As cryptocurrency adoption expands into many major streams, the tests now include more companies.

Financial institutions such as rural credit unions, joint stock companies, and municipal banks are therefore the last 35 banks to be tested.

Similar to the above, 94 banks are looking into integrating digital yuan. The local report includes three foreign banks, fifteen private banks, and 76 commercial banks in urban areas. They plan to use a clearing platform to access the digital Yuan.

The report also revealed that City Bank, a private company based in Shanghai, developed the clearing platform. City Bank Clearing, a trusted platform in financial services, also offers outstanding financial technology.

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Additionally, the, an online giant, has passed the CBDC test on its platform. The company has previously funded and participated in its trials. It is available to meet the needs of professional clients.

Recent activity suggests that there has been an increase in the number of digital yuan trial across the country. Because cryptocurrency is so popular, more companies are opting to take the digital yuan exam. The test was even taken up by the People’s Bank of China during the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022.

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