WeWay – An NFT bridge between influencers, their fans, and their followers

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WeWayThe platform is intended to act as a bridge between ordinary people and influencers. The platform aims to offer both income opportunities and allow participants to interact and collaborate.

You can buy and create NFTs. You will also be able to trade, transfer funds, and receive fair income. The WeWay Token as well as the NFT Marketplace support the income system for content producers on the WeWay platform. Creators must develop a core functionality to create a cost-effective system that runs on the most recent blockchain and crypto technologies within WeWay. The WeWay token is the final piece of the puzzle.

The token’s main purpose is to bring together the simplicity and convenience of the platform, popular content creators, and their communities all in one place. In other words, the WeWay token is an internal asset that influencers have access to. They can have their token pool when they visit the site and distribute them among their community.

Abdeselam Mohamed Riduan is a Business Development Manager and co-founder of WeWay. “Users will no longer need to waste time on various payment services to complete a purchase or order. They just need to buy an internal token to freely use all the platform’s functionalities ”.

This internal system will allow creators to better monetize their content, earn more income from their activities, and also initiate fundraisers, collect donations, and sell their NFTs.

NFTs can also be encrypted and sold. This sounds like a good idea. This allows devoted fans to purchase it on the open market using WeWay tokens. Influencers can now monetize their content through encryption in NFTs, a nonfungible token that is popular with collectors and investors in recent years. The creation of NFT is beneficial to both creators and fans. One receives a high-value exclusive NFT while the other makes a profit. Fans can also redeem the NFT more often, which allows them to make money.

Bohdan, co-founder of WeWay commented on what type of NFTs fans can get in this case. According to him NFTs can include anything about the influencer. It could include celebrity photos, memes that involve them, poetry and rare videos from their lives, funny life situations, stories, etc. Songs recorded in real-life, etc. Given the sheer size of the platform, the number famous people who use it, their artistic lifestyle and creativity, as well as the millions of followers, one can only imagine how many NFTs there will be. Problems. It is done without even considering the potential profit.

Fuad Fatulaev is the CEO and co-founder at WeWay.

“We are the first platform to provide a wide range of tools to bring creators and fans together. Every user can participate in the content of their favorite creators, receive unique products from them, and explore new ways to interact with them on “WeWay”. There are currently no similar sites on the market. This engagement is both reciprocal: Creators have the ability to hold upvotes to determine upcoming activities, and fans can petition to create their own initiatives. Our platform does more than just allow for fundraising. We want to establish a platform that can raise funds, support exceptional creators and ideas, as well a marketplace where you can find exclusive designer offers. All transactions on our platform can be made using the WeWay token. We are the only ones to combine the traditional model of social media with the experience of the market (exclusive physical and intangible goods) and the latest technologies to feed it in the form of blockchain and NFT ”.

But, WeWay’s goals cannot be simply defined. WeWay creators strive to make it as appealing and enjoyable as possible for influencers. This is the main focus of the platform. It is easier for influencers to find sponsors and gain a wider community by working on the platform.

Being on a platform with so many people makes it easier for each person to feel connected and gives them a sense of accomplishment, but also belonging. This is especially true for fans, who associate the world “celebrity,” with “unreachable” and “unreachable”. WeWay marks the beginning of a new era. It brings together celebrities and fans through modern trends and technological advances, while maintaining a balance between science, art, and technology. While other platforms may be more niche-driven, or overloaded with content that leaves little room for interaction, WeWay is focused on exactly that: interaction.

Blockchain, artificial intelligence, new technologies – all these tools will be combined under one common goal: to create a WeWay Platform that is attractive, useable, convenient, transparent, friendly to ordinary people as well as influencers. One, which seeks to provide fair income and new ways of interacting between celebrities and their community. It also provides convenient and easy methods to transact, opening up new income possibilities.

YoolaAnd eHoldTogether, they have created the largest content platform for creators. Subscribers will feel like they are part of something truly great on a global level. WeWay wants to attract the most prominent influencers and create a community that is inclusive of all segments. This will allow both parties to interact, exchange, win, and even collaborate. Reach all audiences and possible.


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