Weekly Challenge Trades Reach $ 17 Billion as Dex Aggregators Now Own 22% of Trade Volume

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The decentralized exchange (dex), volume has reached $ 17 billion across all 21 Ethereum dex platforms in the past seven days. Pancakeswap also saw between $ 400,000 to $ 860,000 per 24 hours over the past week. Dex aggregators are reducing dex trading volumes and becoming more popular every day.

Uniswap orders top Dex trading volume, Aggregation APIs capture 22% share of Ethereum-Based Dex Volumes

Decentralized (dex), swaps continue to be a huge part of the weekly transactions at decentralized exchanges. The past seven days have seen a significant increase in swaps. dex trade volume21 Ethereum-based crypto dex platforms generated $ 17 Billion in revenue. The 21 dex platforms have recorded $ 2.95 Billion in global swaps in the last 24 hours and the dex aggregators have captured $ 3.8 Billion in 24-hour volume. According to statistics from Statistics from, dex aggregators like 1inch account for around 22.7% in dex trading volumes. Analysis of dune.

Weekly Challenge Trades Hit $ 17 Billion As Dex Aggregators Now Share 22% Of Trade Volume
According to Dune Analytics statistics, Dex aggregators now account for around 22.7% dex trading volumes.

Pancakeswap (the dex Binance Smart Chain, BSC) saw between $ 400,000 to $ 860,000 Every 24 hoursLast week was also a good week. CAKE and WBNB were the top trading pairs at Pancakeswap Thursday. ETH, USDT. Uniswap is the largest dex among the 21 Ethereum-based decentralized trade volumes registered on Dune Analytics. Uniswap captured 65.6%, or more than $11 billion, in global swaps during week 1, which totals $ 17 billion.

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Today’s top five Dex aggregation platforms include Matcha, Paraswap and Tokenlon.

Sushiswap, which captures $ 2. billion or 12% seven-day dex trading volumes, is next to Uniswap. Sushiswap follows Curve ($ 1.5 billion), Dodo ($ 585 million), Bancor ($ 433 million), Balancer ($ 323 million) and 0x Native (946 million). Seven-day statistics reveal that Uniswap is the largest merchant (or unique address) with 135,851 registrations on Thursday. Next up are 1 inch (34.842), Sushiswap (22.2,820), Sushiswap (22.2,820), 0xapi (17.627), Paraswap (5.297) and Matcha (4.154).

The volume of exchanges has been a challenge for aggregators. These platforms allow users to select between multiple dex protocols, and search for the best ones. API 0x is currently the first dex aggregator. Matcha, Paraswap, and Tokenlon are the next dex aggregation platforms. The first dex 1inch aggregator has revealed this week that it is introducing optimistic aggregate technology to reduce network fees, congestion, and congestion.

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