The US government plans to pay Dark Web informants in cryptocurrency reward payments

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Informants who wish to quickly gain volume in cryptocurrency have now the option. The US State Department offers rewards for sharing information about hackers on the dark internet.

Their activities are considered a threat by the government. It reserves $ 10 million to anyone who wants to sell it.

According to InformationThe bounty is called “RFJ” (Reward for Justice), and anyone who identifies, or locates hackers will be rewarded with the bounty.

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Hackers can be described as anyone who uses malicious cyber activity to target infrastructure in the United States under the direction of a foreign state.

To prevent crime, the RFJ program is in place

The RFJ program is still in existence Since 1984. Under the program, the US government paid millions to informants.

Our sources claim that the government spent at most $ 150 million on over 100 informants who provided actionable intelligence that helped to end international terrorism.

The program has also had positive outcomes, as it has led many criminals to be convicted.

The program also covers terrorist threats, ransomware, terrorist financing, weapons and mass destruction, and other topics. Dark web hackers’ activities are classified as malicious cyber activity, according to all evidence.

The State Department official said that the program is very beneficial as it encourages many people and helps to improve national security.

Many of these informants had received money in the past through money transfers or suitcases containing cash. The department is now exploring cryptocurrencies to pay for the rewards.

Why cryptocurrency is the best option for this program

Sources revealed that the program is looking into crypto payments to increase efficiency and speed up payment.

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It’s easier to reach people quickly with the cryptography system. Erez Liebermann, a former US Department of Justice prosecutor, says that the government should have used cryptocurrency to pay for secret sources or informants long before now.

Many cryptocurrency advocates are happy with this news, except Liebermann. Neeraj and other cryptocurrency supporters have stated that they suspect that law enforcement is using cryptocurrency.

They are therefore happy that the government has shown interest in the sector and that it is a benefit to the economy.

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The Biden administration is acutely aware of the potential dangers of technology. The government has created a task force to track cryptocurrency payments in cyber attacks.

Ransomware attacks have been a problem in the United States. This is why Biden’s administration is trying to bring down pirates.

Two ransomware attacks that were deadly, the JBS ransomware attack and the Colonial Pipeline ransomware assault, rocked the United States this year.

DarkSide, a group that stole more than $ 90 million from Colonial Pipeline, carried out an attack a few months back.

Another JBS company lost $ 1 million to attackers after a month. This is why the bounty was created to stop the evil activities of these actors.

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