Christie’s UK Auction House will present a complete set of NFT curiosity card sets on October 1

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Christie’s, a UK auction house, has been involved in the non-fungible token art and collectables market for some time. Christie’s has sold more than $ 69 million in blockchain-backed items such as Block 21 from “Portraits of a Mind”, Cryptopunks and Beeple’s NFT. Christie’s will sell a set old Curio cards from 2017 on October 1. The set will also include a rare card.

Christie’s Auction House Auctiones NFT Curiousity Card Set

The non-fungible token (NFT), market has grown quite a lot and Christie’s has been involved in the space for some time. The UK’s most popular auction house, Christie’s, first ventured into the NFT space in September 2020 when it presented block 21 of Portraits of a Mind’.

The company has continued to auction NFTs from all shapes and sizes since then. The company will auction a unique collection NFT collectibles. Curiosity CardsThis is one of the oldest Ethereum NFT collectibles that was produced in 2017.

UK auction house Christie's to present a full set of NFT curiosity cards on October 1
Curio Cards is an exclusive series of 30 NFT cards. The set also includes 17b which is a secret rare card. News reported Curio Cards’ launch on June 4, 2017. Our press office interviewed Thomas Hunt, the project creator and also known as “Mad Bitcoins” a personality. Hunt predicted that NFTs would become a major topic back then. Hunt also told our press office that some crypto artists would be featured in collectibles at the time.

When News interviewed Mr. He, he kept the artists’ identities a secret. However, it was revealed later that Curio Cards featured seven artists. Luis Buenaventura, Phneep and Cryptograffiti. Marisol Vengas. News recently reported that Curio cards will be available in 2021. This year, collectibles and NFT Rare Pepe (issued from a counterparty) saw new demand.

Christie’s will now sell the complete set of Curio cards as a set. auction calendarIt is expected that the sale will take places in New York on Oct. 1, 2021. The main auction house will open for business on August 30. TweetAbout the Curio Cards Sale. Christie’s wrote:

We are proud to offer a complete set of Curio Card, which are 30 non-fungible tokens, as part of our Post-War to Present Sale on October 1, in New York City. These tokens are some of the oldest works and art on the Ethereum Blockchain. .

Opensea data on the Curio card envelope market shows a traded volume of $ 75.2 millions is currently available Wrapping Curiosity CardsThe market revealed that there are 3,700 Curio owner and the collection had 22,900 ethers ($75.2 million) in volume trade.

UK auction house Christie's to present a full set of NFT curiosity cards on October 1
Opensea: Curio Cards Sale

Similar to those who sell NFTs issued in Rare Pepe counterparties with the aid of Container softwareOne Step by step guideCurio cards need to be packaged to work with Opensea in order to add NFTXCP. Cards can also be a Curiosity wrapping toolThe CuriositiesThis will explain the process in detail.

“A 1% artist royalty on Openea sales was voted by the community on 03/31/21. 100% of this royalty is distributed equally between the original artists ”, notes the description of the Opensea Curio Cards market.

Christie’s Auction of BeeplesDaily: The first 5,000 Days“NFT holds the record for the most expensive NFT ever sold in history. The auction house also sold a collection of nine original Cryptopunks, worth $ 16.9million. Christie’s will host the Cryptopunks, Meebits and Bored Ape NFT Art Sale in Asia on September 17th.

Christie’s is not the only auction house that has entered the world non-fungible collectible tokens auctions. Sotheby’s revealed its NFT entry for the first time in mid-March 2021. The auction house teamed up again with “Pak”, a popular digital artist. Sotheby’s sold the NFT source code of Timothy John Berners Lee, World Wide Web inventor, for $ 5.4 million.

What do YOU think Christie’s sale of a complete set Curio cards? Let us know your thoughts on this topic in comments below.

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