U.S. Mayor Declares Bitcoin Will Continue to Rise As Fed Continues To Print Dollars

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According to Jackson, Tennessee’s mayor, bitcoin will continue rising as long as the Fed continues printing money. He thinks bitcoin is “definitely the future monetary system”.

Mayor explains that Bitcoin prices will continue to rise as Fed continues printing money

The US city of Jackson, Tennessee’s Mayor Scott Conger commented on Saturday’s bitcoin price in relation to the Fed’s money printing policy. He wrote:

This chart will continue rising as the Fed continues printing more USD. Bitcoin may be the future, but it is the present. After 21M, there will be no Bitcoin.

The BTCThe price at the time the mayor tweeted was $ 49 626.81. After breaking above the $50,000 level Monday morning, the cryptocurrency’s price is now at $ 49,775.13.

U.S. Mayor Says Bitcoin Will Keep Rising As Fed Continues To Print More Dollars News reported that Mayor Conger was looking into pay conversions for city employees and bitcoin mining to increase his income in April. BTCIn the city’s balance sheet.

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In July, he tweeted how his city’s blockchain taskforce is looking into how it can accept property tax payments in Bitcoin and allow our DCA staff to use bitcoin.

He also spoke about inflation on numerous occasions, declaring: “Let’s not accept any inflation along with the increase in our carbon footprint.”

Mayor Conger is among a few American mayors who have pledged to make Bitcoin work in their cities. Mayor Francis Suarez, also from Miami, Florida, has tried to make it a Bitcoin hub. Jayson Stewart, Cool Valley’s Mayor, stated last week that he was raising money to donate $ 1000 in. BTCTo each resident of his city.

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