Tron founder Justin Sun purchases Joker Tpunk NFT at $ 10.5 Million – bitcoin news

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Justin Sun, founder and CEO of Tron (a smart contract-activated cryptocurrency), announced that he had purchased an NFT avatar for $ 110.5 million. The NFT, which is nicknamed “Joker” due to its appearance, is part of a native Tron NFT series called Tpunks. This series aims to replicate the style and success achieved by the Cryptopunks series but on the Tron blockchain.

Justin Sun buys NFT for $ 10.5 million

Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of the smart contract-enabled Tron Blockchain, today announced PurchaseA NFT avatar was purchased by tron for $ 10.5million. The NFT that was purchased was # 3442. It was called “Joker” due to its resemblances to Batman. Tpunksseries. Tpunks, a collection by NFT, aims to recreate the artistic style and success of the Cryptopunks, another successful line from NFT.

The series features 10,000 avatars, many with rare traits that make them highly sought-after by collectors. The project is growing rapidly and is currently ranked fourth among collectible dapps as of this writing. According toDappRadar. The platform also offers rare NFTs at reduced prices. To reachOver $ 800,000.

Justin Sun isn’t the first to venture into NFT. Sun was an asset tendererChristie’s sale Beeple’s “Everydays” NFT. Sun made a $ 60,000,000 offer to acquire the asset. However it was claimed that an unknown buyer had offered $ 250,000 more.

NFT: The new craze

Non-fungible tokens (or NFTs) have created a lot of buzz in the cryptocurrency world. Justin Sun isn’t the only one to make the leap. Many famous actors, influencers, and even rappers have jumped on board to benefit from this new media. Jay-Z, the popular musician, teamed up in June with Sotheby’s to sell an NFT based off his album “Reasonable Doubt”, titled “Heir to the Throne”. He also changed his profile picture on Twitter to show a Cryptopunk, making some of his followers believe that he had bought one.

Many other projects have also sold millions of dollars in NFT. Cryptopunks, the main project, was the third NFT-based project after Opensea and Axie Infinity to reach that figure. NFT fever has reached institutions markets. Visa, the multinational payments giant, purchased a CryptoPunk (# 7610) to add to its collection on August 23, calling NFTs a “new era” of collecting.

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