TreeDefi is a partner with Magneto Capital, an alternative fund for investment

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The DeFi Project takes its first steps into the real world

TreeDefi, a DeFi project in development that has been active for more than 5 months, focuses on tree planting activities using their protocol. As their project progressed, they took the opportunity of the carbon credit market to further develop their idea. This vast market has grown steadily over time. It is expected that the market will continue to grow in the coming decades.

It is important to have a support network that has the right knowledge when blockchain innovation and real world implementation collide. TreeDefi has partnered with Magneto Capital, an Alternative Investment Fund.

Magneto Capital is an alternative fund with offices in Prague, New York, and a multiasset management company that focuses on cryptocurrency. TreeDefi is fortunate to have a partner who has a solid background in the real world and a long history in blockchain.

Magneto will support TreeDeFi’s capital raising, investments, and financial operations. He will also be involved in the entire international advisory process to help pave the way for charitable actions and plantation activities.

Planting opportunities

TreeDefi is a result of their hard work and has the technical experience to oversee larger planting projects.

Brazil is a great place to start an environment-oriented project. TreeDefi’s Brazilian partner AMZ (Amazonascoin), is increasing the number of planting opportunities. There are potential for 22.5 million trees to be planted on 45,000 hectares.

This would include tracking systems for tree location and other information about each tree. These will be hosted on-chain as well as off-chain. TreeDefi has more information. NFTree MarketTheir White paper.

TreeDefi dream land

TreeDefi also hopes to change the lives of many families by providing them with the resources they have gathered through their work, blockchain and the trust shown by their investors. TreeDefi began as a simple charity token. They always dreamed about creating a TreeDefi Land in order to encourage and support family farming and subsistence agriculture.

With this in mind they created the TreeDefi dream land project with Magneto Capital and presented it last week to interested investors.

Even if you plant large numbers of trees, it is still manageable. It is amazing to see so many trees on a screen. But there is still much to do. Planting trees can help local communities and bring them economic benefits. It also provides a better living environment for rural families who may not have the means to purchase their own land.

Plants like Acai and Seringueira (Pará rubber tree) can be planted on the 9,000 hectares of land with which TreeDefi can work and become the home of 180 families (50 hectares per family).

One initiative could provide housing, work, and a dignified existence for people while also reforesting and protecting the area. TreeDefi will employ workers who will be responsible for helping families, submitting request, providing images and building a local community. TreeDefi is almost a private village.

This could be a significant event that uses blockchain, and it will be a big deal. This initiative would also be cost-effective in Brazil. We can all make it happen together and make a difference in the lives of many families.

Carbon credit market

We assume most readers have heard about carbon credits at some point in their lives. This is a good indicator for the popularity of the asset. Prices: The prices of carbon credits in Europe have increased by 115% over the past 12 months. Experts predict that they will experience extreme growth in the next decade. The UN average forecast for 2030 is $ 80 per carbon credit, which is considered a conservative forecast since the market generally values ​​them at $ 100 by 2025.

Recent news reports about COP21/COP26 have begun to appear in media all over the world. The COP conference is a session under the Paris Agreement (explained here). It is responsible for updating and aggregating information, making new decisions for the future. The last COP21 took measures such as the creation carbon credits and led to a new international agreement on climate, which is applicable to all nations. aiming to maintain global warming at 1.5 ° C – 2 ° CIn accordance to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Changes (IPCC) recommendations.

The COP26 event, which will be held on November 1, will see the world stop and watch. Market participants, investors, companies, and researchers all expect COP26 is the greatest climate /environment event in human history. It is expected to make a significant impact on society and change many things forever. COP26 will provide a forecast for the future and exact figures on the carbon credit markets. The voluntary carbon credit industry alone is expected to generate $100 billion annually by 2035-2045.


TreeDefi has all this in mind and is working hard with collaborators and investors to meet this demand.

This partnership could attract additional companies in the near future. It is certainly exciting to see how it will pan out. In September, more details about the final partnership between TreeDefi and Magneto Capital AIF will be made public.


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