Here’s how the Uniswap community reacted to the new proposal.

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The Uniswap community is currently discussing a new proposal that supports Flipside Crypto to the tunes of $ 25,000,000 in funding. The funding is for two-years, but there are many reasons to not.

Many DeFi protocols like Uniswap offer governance tokens that allow users access to fundamental network decisions.

The latest ProposalAlso, the proposal passed through the community votes. Dune Analytics raised alarm, but the vote was not final.

The reverse.

According to the proposal, UNI owners will receive funds from project treasury for $ 15 million in grants. Flipside will receive $ 10 million if the entire program succeeds.

Flipside will therefore dedicate half the grant to bounties to new Uniswap users that want to learn everything about analytics and DeFi.

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Bonuses are designed to attract and retain new users. Flipside predicts such a program will bring in 900 new users, but they will not be eligible for the bonuses.

Flipside is funding this program but it is not the only one. He also funds other programs like yearn, Aave and Uniswap. This proposal would also allow people to finance the service. Other analytics providers that are eligible include The Graph, Dune, and Dune.

Flipside will use Uniswap governance in education services

Flipside will use half the grant to operate the program, according to the proposal. They will pay up seven full-time staff and seven other half-time salaries with the grant. The program’s performance will then be used to fund it.

Flipside plans to use Uniswap to become an official provider for continuing education services. He expects to be paid for his services. A further 30% of funds received will be generated by the seven committee members.

The daily chart shows Uniswap falling by 2% due to community criticisms of the new proposal| Source: UNIUSD at

Another three-member panel will vote to extend the program another year. Flipside is the head of all committees, giving him complete power. Many have raised concerns about the proposal due to such a structure.

One controversy had already occurred in July, and caused much noise in the community. The DeFi Education Fund proposal and its controversy led another group to launch a new initiative called “Builder-First Legal Activism DAO” by LeXpunK.

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After Dune Analytics raised alarm, many people voted no to this proposal. Many people agreed that the proposal was unacceptable, including John Palmer, Compound CEO, PartyDAO, and Dharma & Argent portfolio team members.

It doesn’t look like it will be easy to reverse the proposal. Because it is about continuing education, the university blockchain organization is the best supporter.

Several of the most respected organizations from Standford University, UC Berkeley and Michigan have also lent their support. It will be difficult to undo the damage.

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