The 411 on “Adopt Bitcoin”, a Lightning Network conference held in El Salvador

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It is the perfect place and time for a Lightning Network Conference. El Salvador will have Bitcoin legal tender in less than one week. This was made possible by the Lightning Network. El Zonte, also known as Bitcoin Beach, is the actual case study of the Lightning Network. All of these factors will come together in an event appropriately titled “Adopt Bitcoin” by mid-November.

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The Lightning Network conference is accompanied with a call for action, unofficially titled “Unite, focus, collaborate!And, based on the looks of Follow Bitcoin’s official TwitterThe tribe has answered the call, and will attend the meeting in large numbers.

What are the main characteristics of this Lightning Network conference

According toAdopt Bitcoin’s WebsiteTheir goal is:

“… unites the Lightning and Bitcoin communities in San Salvador and El Zonte in order to advance the future of money and payments within the Central American Republic.

The following characteristics are characteristic of the Lightning Network conference:

  • Galoy, the team behind Bitcoin Beach Wallet produced the conference.
  • “Adopt Bitcoin” is a non-profit event.
  • Lightning Network development will be supported by the 100% donation of the organizers.
  • The Lightning Network conference is available in English and Spanish.
  • “Adopt Bitcoin” will be broadcast live.
  • They will dedicate Tuesday and Wednesday to tough-core conferences.
  • They will be ending the peregrination on Thursday by visiting El Zonte, the place that started it all.We will have a Bitcoin Bazaar organized 10a-4p…. There will be food stalls, stalls, kiosks and a lot more at Hope House.», Said the co-founder of Galoy.
  • The Lightning Network conference is “Only early adopters“Tickets can only be purchased with bitcoin on the Lightning Network.
  • “Adopting Bitcoin is for”Developers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts can network and make connections in person.

“Adopt the Bitcoin range.”

Tuesday and Wednesday are party days at the Sheraton Presidente, San Salvador. Both days contain “Lightning 101” workshops. The following speakers are featured:

Alex Gladstein is the Human Rights Foundation’s director of strategy; Stephan Livera is an extraordinary podcaster; Bernard Parah hails from Bitnob in Nigeria, and is one of the main protagonists of This historic operation; Camila Campton, host of “Bitcoin En Español”; Monica Taher, International Technical and Economic Affairs for El Salvador; Mike Peterson from Bitcoin Beach and Ray Youssef from Paxful.

Complete range of tLightning Network Conference Website.

On Thursday, the party moves to El Zonte. The party ends with a taproot activation in El Tunco. Check out this video tour of the cities. This mini-documentary has been released.

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Galoy, Lightning Network Conference Organizers

According to Their official websiteGaloy offers easy-to-use “Banking-as-a-Service” (BaaS) Bitcoin products.“They are responsible for the official self-referential portfolio of the Bitcoin Beach project. “In October 2020, we launched our “Bitcoin Beach” branded Lightning wallet in El Zonte.Galoy describes himself to be:

“… a B2B company, serving organizations that embrace Bitcoin like money. We rely on the Bitcoin protocol, Layer 2 Lightning network, and tools created by Lightning Labs.

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They are now contributing to the Bitcoin ecosystem through this non-profit Lightning Network conference. You will need to use the new network to purchase your ticket. You will also be required to return all profits to Lightning.


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