In landmark case, the Swedish government will return 33 Bitcoins to a drug dealer

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The first cryptocurrency seizure case in Sweden saw 33 bitcoins confiscated by the Swedish government. They were worth more that $ 1.5 million. The case’s prosecutor recorded the amount of cryptocurrency seized in dollars. Price fluctuations forced the government to reimburse the amount. This case could have serious repercussions in future cases.

33 Bitcoins will be reimbursed by the Swedish Government to a drug dealer

The Swedish government must Refund33 bitcoins worth more than $1.5 million were given to a drug dealer in an incident that could have a significant impact on similar cases in the future. The Swedish law enforcement authority arrested the drug dealer two years ago and seized 36 bitcoins from him. Tove Kullberg was the prosecutor in the case. He claimed that the entire bitcoin cache was criminally sourced and managed to seize it.

Kullberg used the dollar number in his case, instead of the cryptocurrency amount. The price of bitcoin has risen dramatically since then. However, the amount seized has remained constant. Only 3 bitcoins could be sold to pay the amount seized.

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Big mistake

This consideration led the Swedish government, now that the drug dealer has been released from prison, to pay the difference to him. Kullberg stated:

It is important to keep bitcoin’s worth. The crime profit should be 36 Bitcoin, regardless of bitcoin’s price at the time. This had unexpected consequences that I did not anticipate.

The prosecution described the event as “unfortunate” and showed that he lacks the expertise necessary to deal with cryptocurrencies connected to criminal acts. This case could be used as case law for future cases. This is a bizarre turn of events for Swedish legal.

Kullberg admitted his mistake and now supports investments in education for crypto-lawsuits. He said:

I believe we should invest in internal training within the authority as cryptocurrency is something we will have to deal with more than ever. We will make fewer mistakes if we improve our knowledge within the organization.

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