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The value of digital currencies saw a huge jump in 2021 with a 154% increase since January 1. Cryptovantage published a study on August 18 that showed that 3 in 4 crypto investors reported making profit from their crypto holdings. It also found that cryptocurrencies are only 12% below the millennium standard. wallet

34% of digital currency investors have benefitted

After recent research by Cryptovantage on people who forget their crypto passwords, another survey was conducted among 1,044 people between 1965 and 1997. The survey reveals how millennials, xennials, and Generation X are investing digital assets. The new Cryptovantage report reveals that crypto assets are popular in different age groups. Report“Generational Philosophies of Investing in Crypto” explains.

Survey shows 3 out of 4 crypto investors made a profitable investment, crypto accounts for 12% of millennium wallets

According to the study, cryptocurrency-assets accounted 12% of an average portfolio for the millennium. That compares with 9.2% of an average portfolio for xennials, and only 6.3% for the average portfolio for generation Xers. “Despite this higher proportional stake, millennials were not the most likely to report making a profit by investing in cryptocurrency. Xennials had the highest total investment and were most likely to profit from crypto assets at 80.5%. That compares to 76.2% for Millennials and just 71.5% in Gen X. survey adds.

It should be noted, however, that 3 out of 4 people have benefited overall from cryptocurrency investments.

Bitcoin is the most used digital asset. Xennials favor Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin.

According to the survey, bitcoin is preferred by all generations.BTC) was the most popular and moreover BTCGeneration Y, Generation X and Generation X preferred EthereumETH). Xennials on the other hand chose bitcoin cash (BCH) and dogecoin (DOGE) on ETH. Millennials are most likely to use services such as Coinbase. Xennials, on the other hand, prefer services such Bitcoin IRA.

Survey shows 3 out of 4 crypto investors made a profitable investment, crypto accounts for 12% of millennium wallets

The report found that while “curiosity” was the most popular reason for investing, high profits was second. A third of the 1,044 respondents said Elon Musk is beneficial for the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The Cryptovantage report’s author said that Xennials were more likely to invest in cryptocurrency because they believed it offered security, transparency, and greater independence. “Generation X was the least likely to believe these same ideas; however, they were more likely than millennials and xennials to view cryptos as the currency of the future.

What do you think of the study showing that crypto investors have benefited from 34% of them? Let us know your thoughts on this topic in comments below.

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