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A young South African electronics engineer regrets his decision to delete a text file containing the keys, password, and key combination for a crypto wallet that contained around 20 bitcoins. According to the engineer the lost parts were extracted more than ten year ago using a modified personal computers “equipped with an AMD Phenom X3 process and 512 MB memory”.

Low BTCTrade: Price and absence

According to a Mybroadband ReportThe 24-year old engineer, whose pseudonym was Mark Michaels (the engineer), began mining cryptocurrency “after reading technology information on the Internet.” The engineer was in seventh grade at the time.

Michaels is quoted in the report as saying that he can’t recall how long it took to extract the document. BTCHe notes that bitcoin’s value was still lower than expected ($ 0.08 per). BTC) the dollar bar at the time. This low price, as well as the inability to sell crypto currencies, led to the low price. BTCThe then-teenager bitcoin miner lost his interest. The engineer explained:

I eventually got fed up because there was not much else you could do while your computer was busy and the bitcoins you mined were worth next to nothing.

Recoveries that fail to succeed are unsuccessful

The engineer would attempt to recover the missing bitcoins seven years later after the file was deleted. The cryptocurrency’s price had risen to $ 1000 by this time. According to the report, the young engineer describes his first attempt to gain access to the parts, which was ultimately unsuccessful. He said:

I still remember putting together all the hard drives, CDs, and DVDs and carefully reviewing them. It took around a week. I also tried data recovery software on my primary drive, but it didn’t work. This drive had already been formatted and re-used several times by that point.

Despite losing the bitcoins, which are worth more than $ 900,000.000, and unsuccessful attempts to retrieve them, the engineer claimed that he has since made peace his hasty decision. He also claims that he never made money from cryptocurrency.

According to Mybroadband, the young engineer now has a few cryptocurrencies, but not in large amounts. He also always mines. ETH but only when his “current drill rig is not in use”.

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