ALFAcoins allows you to accept cryptocurrency payments on your website

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ALFAcoins offers cryptocurrency processing services that allow traders to receive payments on their websites using cryptocurrencies. It allows customers to receive payments in six major cryptocurrencies. There are six supported cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Litecoin [LTC], Dash (DSH), Bitcoin Cash (“BCH”), Ripple (XRP), and Litecoin (LTC).

Cryptoprocessing offers a reliable alternative for current payment providers. These fees are higher because these industries are considered “out of pocket”. high risk ”.

Users can use crypto-processing to receive a faster and more efficient method of payment. They also provide anonymity, which is often desired in these industries.

ALFAcoins provides traders with the ability to manage everything from their trade stats to payments and automatic withdrawals. ALFAcoins allows traders to view all statistics about income, revenue, sales and select payment methods.

Customers and employees can also receive cryptocurrency payments using ALFAcoins. Employees can also transfer cryptocurrencies into their wallets at no extra cost. You can schedule automatic withdrawals according to the amount. The frequency can vary from daily to monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

ALFAcoins wallet & merchant services

ALFAcoins can provide services to merchants and individuals. Its transparent pricing structure makes it easy for users to understand exactly what they are signing up when they create a wallet. The service is free of hidden fees and charges.

Users have the option to mine a wallet using ALFAcoins. This allows them to avoid deposit fees for internal transfers and crypto deposits.

Merchants can embed ALFAcoins to their websites to enable encrypted payments via APIs and IPNs. A simple payment button or WordPress Shopping Cart plugins are also available.

Merchant websites charge a 0.99% fee for payments. This fee can be charged to the customer, or paid by the merchant.

ALFAcoins allows users to make secure transactions. There is no chargeback, fraud, or exchange rate fixing. Volatility risk is mitigated by fixing all accepted cryptocurrency exchange rates within 15 minutes after an invoice has been created.

About ALFAcoins

The crypto-processing firm was founded in 2013 as a Bitcoin payment processor. But, the company has evolved to provide more than just Bitcoin processing services. ALFAcoins is a trusted provider for crypto processing services to traders, regardless of industry.

ALFAcoins offers merchants and individuals a multifunctional, secure, and easy-to-use electronic payment system.

To begin

ALFAcoins: A look WebsiteIt provides a simple and intuitive user interface. Users can To createYou can immediately access your account at ALFAcoins and begin using it within minutes.

Users can be certain to get the best price on their cryptocurrency conversions with the market’s competitive rates.

Secure storage for cryptocurrencies can also be provided by the multi-currency internet wallet. The accounts are protected by two factor authentication which is required to log in.

ALFAcoins allows you to accept crypto payments and also makes it easy for you to receive cryptocurrency donations from anywhere. Users can donate crypto to causes or organizations they support.

Donations are usually charged 0.5%, but users can opt to pay this fee. ALFAcoins can be contactedYou can get a free plan if you donate to charities and nonprofits.

ALFAcoins are currently available as SaaS softwareTraining is provided via documentation. ALFAcoins mission is to make cryptocurrency payments simple and secure for all businesses.


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