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According to reports on social media, crypto forums, onchain metrics and Solana Status’s Twitter account indicate that Solana’s blockchain is at a standstill. Solana mainnet Beta was shut down for four hours and is still down due to a technical issue.

The stalls of the Solana network

Lately, solana (SOL) joined the top ten crypto assets by market valuation and today SOL’s market capitalization position is the seventh largest. SOL was trading at $ 159 per unit as of this writing and was down 2.8% in the past week.

On September 14, the protocol suffered an error and at the time of writing the channel has shut down for a total of four hours so far as the outage is still ongoing. Tuesday, the Lido Finance Twitter account tweeted:

A tx overload caused an MOO error in most of the Solana nodes, including the validator nodes. The network is now blocked. Engineers from the team and the node operator community are working to resolve the problem. If necessary, validations prepare for a restart.

Lido Finance also asked its Twitter followers follow the “Solana Status” Twitter account for more details. “Solana mainnet-beta is experiencing intermittent instability”, the Solana Status account detailed in a pinned Tweet. “It started about 45 minutes ago and the engineers are investigating the problem. “

Estimates indicate that production of the Solana block could take some time

Some have said that the fix could take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to resolve the issues. “With transactions filtered and validation failures, and validators need to be upgraded and deployed… It will take around 24-48 hours to resolve this issue,” the Twitter account called “” Explain.

In other Tweeter, ‘’ wrote that a “Solana patch [is] being deployed in v1.6.23. Solana Status’s Twitter account was also added to the account’s initial outage tweet and said:

Depletion of network resources causes denial of service, engineers are working on a resolution. If necessary, Validators are ready for a restart.

Solana now joins a list of networks that have stopped producing block after they were stalled. The IOTA blockchain went down for over 11 days in February 2020. The EOS blockchain got problems with the production of blocks too. Cardano had issues with block production in the past and Solana had problems with block production in December 2020.

Additionally, while Solana has managed to take XRP down a notch lately, XRP has once again managed to regain the world’s sixth largest market capitalization. At the time of writing, XRP is just over $ 3 billion ahead of Solana (SOL) overall valuation.

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