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Steve Ashley, president of, announced last weekend that all sites will accept cryptocurrency. Bitpay. This means that bitcoin, ethereum or bitcoin cash can be used to buy products from websites. accepts digital currencies through Bitpay accepts cryptocurrencies via Pay by bitThe world’s largest provider of crypto payment services is. Steve Ashley, President and COO at, has announced that cryptocurrency will be the next step in purchasing products on all websites. Ashley supported crypto at the Market America Worldwide (MAIC2021) international convention.

“Today I am announcing that will offer bitcoin, ethereum and several other cryptocurrencies through Bitpay,” Ashley said. “We will be offering this on sites around the world in all of our market countries,” added Ashley. is an e-commerce website that is very popular. It was ranked 26,133 worldwide and 191 in terms ecommerce and shopping websites. Statistics. is owned By America Market, a multilevel marketing (MLM), firm established in 1992. was purchased by Market America for an undisclosed sum in late 2010. Market America is also a manufacturer of Isotonix, which it presented to the public in the following year. The business was founded.

“ and Market America are such great brands,” said Sonny Singh, Bitpay chief commercial officer, in a statement sent to News. “What I really like about them as being so perfect is because of your international presence. The fact that you only make 40% of your volume in America means it’s a truly global brand,” Singh added. Bitpay’s commercial director said:

It can be difficult to pay in countries such as Indonesia, Thailand and Argentina. BitPay and crypto are the fastest and most cost-effective payment options for Bitcoin payments.

JR Ridinger is the founder and CEO at Market America. He said that continues to be a pioneer under the leadership Steve Ashley. “As different online retailers scramble to create an action plan to implement things like accepting cryptocurrency as an online payment method, thanks to Steve Ashley – we’ve done it before” , said Ridinger.

The website displays a message about crypto acceptance. The message takes you to a PageThis article explains how customers can use the Bitpay crypto payment system for paying for items. customers can get cashback on thousands more products by using Bitpay according to the website.

What do you think about’s announcement that it has enabled crypto acceptance on all its websites? Let us know your thoughts on this topic in comments below.

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