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Recently, the Seychelles Police Financial Crime Investigation Unit(FCIU) confirmed that it was asked to investigate transactions involving the transfer of 230,000 Bitcoins. The cryptocurrency is thought to be linked to the Onecoin pyramid fraud.

Onecoin loot Dubai

The investigation will not only focus on the transfer crypto assets but also transactions involving cash and property worth $ 10 billion. According to Seychellois press agencyThe FCIU received the investigation request from the FCIU following the recent discovery that Onecoin loots in Dubai bank accounts had reached $ 500 million.

Onecoin was notified by victims of the pyramid scheme and they filed claims against it in London, Dublin, or Brussels. The same Seychelles News Agency report also quotes Tania Potter, FCIU legal relations officer, explaining the steps that the agency will take before making a decision. Potter explained:

As part of the complaint, the unit received a number documents. Some of these documents must be verified to determine if they have any connection to Seychelles. Once this is complete, a decision will be made on the next steps.

Potter said that once the process is complete, the FCU will notify Onecoin victims.

Probleme encountered while investigating crypto crimes

Potter is quoted in the same report as describing the difficulties law enforcement agencies face when trying to investigate crimes committed by commercial organizations based on the small island nation. .

“We see that the people who have been defrauded have invested in a platform or with an international trading company. IBC has a registered agent in Seychelles, but the transactions do not happen here, so it is difficult for us to prosecute the person who facilitated or committed the crime, ”she said.

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