Quantum Resistant token, Crown Sovereign (CSOV), to Listed on Exchange – Bitcoin News Press release

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PRESS RELEASE. The Crown Sterling’s Crown Sovereign token (CSOV) will be listed on Exchange in September. It is the world’s first crypto-resistant digital asset. This is a significant milestone for both the parties. Crown Sterling’s token, (CSOV), will be listed on one the world’s most reputable exchanges. The exchange team, however, will be the first CEX in the space. The token will be listed. CSOV will trade BTC USDT pairs.

What is Crown Sterling?

Crown Sterling is a unique software company in this space. It provides Quantum-Resistant encryption using certain secure communication methods with its Random Number Generators. The company invented the well-known, scalable Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman(ECDH), encryption software module. This was done by replacing vulnerable prime numbers private keys with private keys derived non-repeating high entropy irrational figures. As a software publisher, his goal to transform the digital security landscape and lead the way for self-sovereign NFT and blockchain technology is his goal. This is the purpose of its product line. CrownEncryptOTPTM (TM), is the world’s most advanced One-Time Pad encryption system. It also created the world’s first digital asset that is quantum-proof. The proof is in what you do:

  • ECDH for the next generations
  • Quantum Resistant Single Buffer cryptography
  • Random numbers with high entropy
  • Mathematical ineffability
  • Data security
  • NIST-validated Cryptography Products

What is CSOV?

Crown Sovereign Token is a cryptocurrency linked to CrownEncryptOTP in Crown Sterling. They complement each other with the ability to protect sensitive information. Token holders use the CSOV to pay for secure (quantum) transmissions of their data with every transaction. This is just one example of the value CSOV brings to the ecosystem that was created by Robert Grant, a team of mathematicians/physicists. The token’s creation was a demonstration of data sovereignty, which is a critical aspect of the industry’s current vulnerability and privacy concerns. Crown Sterling and its technologies have a core mission: It is time to empower people to take back control over their data.

Strong approval

Danish Chaudhry, CEO of Exchange, shared his take on the upcoming CSOV listing, stating that: “The Crown Sterling team provides a platform and a suite of products that are currently something to the industry needs, and with such complexity that you rarely find in the sphere today.

Chaudhry continues, “We are excited to see how CSOV can continue to strengthen and gain visibility with the exceptional community during September’s once-listed exchange.”

Robert Grant, CEO of Crown Sterling, expressed his enthusiasm for CSOV’s upcoming listing on the exchange, saying: “We are very pleased that with this listing our self-sovereign blockchain and crypto products will gain access. “

About Exchange Exchange’s mission is to allow anyone to trade cryptocurrencies with ease and confidence. This includes novice traders as well as experienced traders. We are a great platform for trading any cryptocurrency. Our exchange has been visited on average by more than 500,000 traders per month since its launch less than a year ago.

About the Sterling Crown

Crown Sterling offers next generation software-based cryptography, Quantum Resistant. This is available in the form random number generators or encryption products. Crown Sterling’s noninteger-based products offer cutting-edge encryption products, development tools, and irrational number that modernize cryptography. Crown Sterling Mission – Sovereignty and Protection of Personal Data.

For more information, please visit Crown Sterling online at

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