PancakeSwap launches Predator Token with Robust Tokenomics

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Predator, a brand new token that is all-in-one, made its public debut on PancakeSwap the second week of august. With its predatory approach, Predator aims to be the next big thing within the crypto world. Predator will be available in multiple markets and offer a range investment opportunities as well as services that could bring thousands of new traders to its ecosystem.

Predator is confident in its superior tokenomics. It focuses on extreme sport and will be the industry leader in cryptocurrency. Predator is more than a cryptocurrency. It’s a brand. PancakeSwap announced the launch of Predator’s token on August 10, 2021. Predator tokenomics combine the best aspects of successful crypto projects. Predator incorporated his own flavors and created the ultimate deal. Redeemables, automatic BUSD rewards and more

PredatorThe market capitalization of several crypto projects is exceeded by the predator, and the predator adopts a new identity at each stage. The project has a goal to reach a market capitalization in excess of $ 1 Billion within one year. It also has the potential to be amongst the top 50 projects. The preliminary list for PancakeSwap has been completed. Now, everything is geared towards marketing and development.

Predator doesn’t just exist as a crypto token.

The $PRED token of the Predator ecosystemThis is not a crypto token project. The team behind it has worked hard to create an ecosystem that helps traders make a profit investing in $RED. One of the most lucrative clans. The platform will also be expanding to offer crypto pay TV and exclusive content.

Predator is also working on an NFT ticketing system that will allow fans to purchase NFT tickets for sporting events. This is the first of its kind. These NFT tickets will offer more than just digital tickets and provide exclusive benefits and rewards.

A limited number of commemorative events will be launched as part of the project’s journey. These rare NFTs are now available through OpenSea. NFT sales revenue will be reinvested into the project and used on marketing to benefit the whole community. The Predator team also plans to offer NFT collectibles sourced from extreme sports.

Predator does not just benefit the owners. Predator is passionate about conservation of endangered predator species. The world’s leading predator charity works to save endangered predator populations. Federal Wolf Protection will receive the first charity project and help them recover from the threat of extinction in certain areas.

Predator Tokenomics

Project Predator’s tokenomics are what gives it an edge in terms of investment opportunity. This project is a gem with a total supply in excess of 1 billion tokens. Additionally, it has the ability reward stablecoin holders for every trade, giving them passive income while supporting the project.

Investors may be attracted to the PRED token’s reward and redemption program, which are available for each trade.

Each operation:

  • 10% BUSD Rewards (generating passive income for those that don’t sell)
  • 5% to Predator portfolio in BNB
  • 60% of the marketing budget is used.
  • Redeemables are available at 30%
  • 10% goes to charities
  • 15% slip

Protecting whales:

  • Maximum transaction amount: 0.5% of total offer

PRED launched

Predator Token launched via the whitelist on August 10, 2021. To ensure a smooth launch of Predator Token, all whitelist participants were closely monitored by the developers. Only those who could contribute to the project were granted access to the whitelist. The liquidity pool was immediately made public and locked out of the public when the token launched.

Other important plans include:

  • Launch of the global marketing operation
  • Predator NFT Market
  • Register on UniSwap
  • Register for 2 Level 2 Scholarships
  • Register on CoinGecko
  • Register on CoinMarketCap
  • Ads on Blockfolio and Delta, plus many other sites
  • First charitable partnerships

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