Polygon DeFi yield farming on AscendEX. Bitcoin News press release

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PRESS RELEASE. AscendEX, a leading cryptocurrency trading platform, is proud to announce the celebration of Polygon (Curve Yield Farming) on its staking portal. This will be done by offering increased APR to active participants. AscendEX users can earn additional income and cultivate yield with Polygon, for a limited period.

AscendEX first announced the launch Yield Farming using Polygon stablecoin in July. You can now deposit your USDC into Polygon DeFi Yield Farming, earn up to 20% APR, MATIC, or CRV, and get a 10% bonus between September 1-7. Users can also farm on AscendEX and enjoy zero gasoline costs. It offers a seamless farming experience with a “one-click” solution.

Yield farming explained

Yield farming, which can be resource-intensive, is where a user contributes capital to a DeFi protocol supported by the user and is rewarded for this cash contribution. The tokens that the operating DeFi protocols allow for are the rewards.

AscendEX is the best way to get involved with yield farming right now. AscendEX manages all backend integration. They remove technical hurdles associated to DeFi protocols. Users can click and farm using high-quality tokens and enjoy a timely return distribution. There is no predetermined lockout period.

Polygon and Ethereum blockchain

Many of today’s DeFi apps, including those from Polygon are based upon Ethereum, the second-largest blockchain of digital assets in the world. The unique feature of Ethereum is that its blockchain allows the creation and operation of decentralized applications, beyond transactions.

Polygon and DeFi Yield farming:

Polygon is a protocol and framework that connects Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Polygon, which combines the best from Ethereum and sovereign blockchains and supports a multichain Ethereum ecosystem, is able to aggregate scalable solutions and support a multichain Ethereum system.

Polygon solves the problems of blockchains such as slow speeds and high gas costs without compromising security. AscendEX users can now participate in Polygon DeFi Yield farming with an APR up to 30% starting September 1-7.

Users can begin Yield Farming Polygon HERE.

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