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Project Poly Network clarified Friday that they had obtained all stolen assets, minus the Tether Limited blacklisted cable. This clarification came just days after the initial hack costing $ 611 million. The Poly Network team stated that they were checking the funds with Mr. White Hat, but that the refund process is still not complete.

Poly Network Hacker Returns Most Stolen Bitcoin Assets

  • According to a A messageThe Poly Network team has confirmed that a large portion of the funds taken in the hack on August 10 have been returned. The hiding place (USDTAccording to a Poly Network team letter, ), are the only funds still in limbo
  • Poly Network hacker stole $61 million from ETHRENBTC and WETH USDTUSDC, DAI, SHIB, FEI BNB, and other BEP-20 tokens. All were returned, except for the frozen USDTThis amounts to about $ 33 Million in ties.

  • The Poly Network protocol, a cross-chain service, derives its name from the NEOBlockchain project. Poly Network operates several blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chains (BSC).
  • The hacker and Mr. White Hat CommunicatedThree days of working with the team resulted in a confession. It was a question-and answer session with Mr. White Hat as well as the hacker. Many people speculate that the hacker was exposed when he left a fingerprint on, a relatively unknown crypto exchange.

  • The The confession of a hackerDetails that the hacker does not believe have been exposed. When asked if they were on display, the hacker replied, “No. Never. I understood the danger of exposing my self, even if it was not wrong. I created a temporary email address, an IP address, or a so-called fingerprint. It was not found. I would rather be in the dark than save the world.
  • The hacker again said it could have been worse and the individual chose to ignore the “sh ** corners”. “Believe it or not, I was compelled to play the game,” the hacker confessed. “However, it wasn’t my intention to cause panic.” [in the]Crypto world. So I chose to ignore the sh ** coins, so people don’t have to worry about resetting them. I took large tokens, except SHIB, and didn’t sell any.
  • Whatever the outcome, the hacker was able accomplish the largest attack on a decentralized financial project (challenge), since the challenge was created. Although it’s difficult to predict when Poly Network will bring everyone back, the majority of the stolen funds may have saved the project.
  • “I would love to give them advice about how to secure their networks so that they are eligible to manage.” [a billion-dollar] project in the future, ”added the confession of the hacker.

What do you think about the Poly Network hacker’s confession? How did they return most of the stolen cryptocurrency coins? Comment below to let us know your thoughts on this topic.

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