Upland offered $ 1 million to players.

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PRESS RELEASE. Mid-June this year, Upland achieved a milestone. 1 million NFTs for real estate were issued on their platform. Another huge leap was made in Metaverse recently: Metaverse Upland’s economy has earned $ 1,000,000 for players., a NFT metaverse mapped in the real world, is availablePlayers can trade, sell, and buy digital properties at. They have set new records in recent months, and they have just taken another step. NFT worth $ 1,000,000 was purchased, sold, or traded among Upland users.This means that digital property transactions between players have exceeded the $ 1,000,000 threshold.

Upland currently offers in-game locations in many U.S. cities like New York, San Francisco or Chicago, Oakland, Cleveland and other smaller towns across the country. More are on the horizon. Each property in the Upland metaverse can be used as a non-fungible token on the website. EOSBlockchain allows users to have true ownership of their properties.

Upland’s metavers differ from other NFT metavers for the simple reason that they are mapped to real world. This allows players to explore familiar metaverses and to purchase NFTs for property that are meaningful to their lives. Real estate development is also being introduced. Players can now develop their plots using this tool. Upland’s unique Spark Token is a stakeable and unbeatable productThis creates a unique NFT structure on their land.

Upland’s approach toward a free-market economyThis allows players to flip real-estate NFTs and make informed property buying decisions. Soon, players can also start their own businesses to increase economic activity and support real-world income. Upland is already experiencing the true laws of supply-demand, and the metaverse will continue growing as more features, partnerships, and collaborations are added.

Everything in the Metaverse corresponds to the real world economy. Their in-game token UPX allows players to trade, buy or sell assets with one another. This allows them the ability to close deals and increase their net wealth. . UPX charges a fixed rate between $ 1 and UPX 1,000.

The purchase of strategic properties and subsequent sale at a profit has brought players incredible returns. The player was asked how his net worth has changed over time. BEN68His net worth had increased, he recalled. “From 4,000 UPX when [he]In January 2020, he was at 64,500,000 UPX by June 2021. This is an amazing 1,612,400% rise in his net worth. GreenTurtle is another Uplander. He stated that he had only invested $ 5, and made gains exceeding 100,000%.

This is only the beginning of the Upland metaverse. The Property starting at USD BetaThis makes it easier for players trade with real US dollars and allows them to earn fiat currency using their in-game assets. This allows Upland to create the Play-toEarn game model that gives players unique opportunities to see the true returns of their strategy or ingenuity.

Register for Upland by visiting This linkTo earn a UPX 6,000 bonus, which will help you get your real estate portfolio off the ground. Upland can be accessed on iOS, Android, or the web. It is accessible from any location in the world. Follow the Upland project to stay informed about all things Upland. TwitterJoin their Discord group of 30,000 members Here.


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