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The NFT Pay-to-Earn model is based Polker.GameOfficially listed on BitMart, the native $PKR token was also available. Polker.gameAkon, the American R&B legend and record producer, gave Polker an official endorsement. He said that the game was “revolutionary” and that Polker “by far, the best game to lose, the NFT game, in space.” ”With the BitMart roster and Akon’s celebrity endorsement, Polker is uniquely positioned to be a major player in the Play-to-Earn league.

Here’s Akon’s video

What is it to play to win?

Gambling is a popular term, although it is not a new concept. This is due to the NFT AXIE infinite game. In the past, play-to-earn games were successful. However, with the rapid development of blockchain technology over the last years, the gaming experience has dramatically improved.

Play-to Earn games are free and open for everyone. Players can earn NFTs and native tokens by simply using the platform. The Play-to-Earn poker platform allows players to earn chips or NFTs that can then be traded or sold. This is a paradigm shift in online gambling.

Why Polker.Game

Play-to-Earn’s blockchain games are growing at an unprecedented pace. Polker.gameWith its unique gameplay, Polker is poised to revolutionize online poker. Polker is a game that removes the gambling aspect from poker, but retains real-value prizes. Polker’s game-to-earn poker platform focuses on skill and competition, rather than gaming. The NFT Polkers are still in their infancy but have been sold on OpenSea for $ 10,000 (3.8ETH).

Polker growth potential (PKR)

Akon taking control of the platform, and Polker’s online play-to-win poker platform, Polker and $PKR have huge potential for growth. This potential is further enhanced by the fact $ PKR being listed on BitMart’s centralized exchange.

Polker’s business model is very similar to AXIE INFINITY’s (AXS), which has a fully-diluted market cap of $ 19.4 Billion at the time of writing. Polker (PKR) currently holds a $ 40.2 million fully diluted market capital. The current value of PKR would rise by more than 482x if it reached the same market capital as AXS. A $ 1,000 investment today in PKR would equal $ 482,000 if Polker reached the same market cap level as AXIE INFINITY.

Even if AXS’marketcap’ was only half in the short-term, which is a much better expectation, it would result in a 24,000% increase of value. This is a great return on investment for any investor with support. Akon has added to the platform. .

Polker List at BitMart

Polker (PKR), a cross-chain token, is a functional bridge between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chains (BSC) and Tron. There is also a Polygon bridge currently in development. $ PKR could only be traded on decentralized exchanges until now. UniSwap, CrepeSwap. Now listed on the well-known and centralized exchange BitMart?With the newly listed USDT/PKR pair, Polker (PKR), could be traded by a wider demographic.

This platform has unmatched potential, with BitMart listing $PKR as well as Akon shouting out Polker’s play-to-earn platform.

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