PARSIQ is the first global decentralized SaaS powered entirely by the IQ protocol.

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Companies can now create their business models using tokens, which is helping to advance the FinTech industry. Tokenomics, the token economy that underpins these blockchain-based assets is revolutionizing the way companies raise capital and implement business models. This development has brought with it complex regulatory, economic, and technical challenges that could deter many people.

Projects that offer tokens already in existence have little utility. This can lead to low demand and a goal for the token. Not all projects have the necessary know-how to create strong token economies, which is crucial for the long-term success of the project. It is also difficult to launch a token because most projects, whether blockchain-based or non-blockchain-based, do not want their token to fall under the investment securities category. Luckily, IQ Protocol was developed by PARSIQThese problems can be solved.

IQ Protocol offers a unique circular economy model that allows businesses, projects, and organizations the ability to issue and manage compliant tokens.

The first cryptocurrency SaaS.

As the inventors of the IQ protocol PARSIQThe team devised a blockchain-agnostic solution that allowed for the implementation of on-chain subscriptions in an easy and cost-effective manner. This was achieved while maintaining important workflows like cancellation / refund policies and different schedule considerations, consumption rates quotas, discounts, and other considerations. This was achieved by the introduction of PowerTokens. PowerTokens can be used to generate deterministic energy over time, but not as a payment method. Energy is an accounting term for the unit of consumption within IQ. It is similar to units of gas or Ethereum.

PARSIQ provides a platform for monitoring and interpretation of blockchains. It enables individuals and businesses to create custom smart triggers, and adopt real-time streams of blockchain data.

The company was the first to use the IQ protocol to change the traditional subscription model. It solved the common token not required’ crypto problem. PARSIQ users can now use the platform and build monitoring tools by simply holding PRQ tokens.

Businesses can benefit from IQ ProtocolCreate a circular economy that takes into consideration the interests of the main shareholders groups: HODLers and service users, traders and traders. The new PARSIQ subscription model is based on IQ.

  1. The platform is used primarily by companies. Withholding the payment is a way to pay for the service special PRQ tokens. Consumers have two options. Either they can buy the original tokens with lifetime value or rent PRQ tokens from the rental pool. The idea is that the original tokens will not be released from the rental pool. Instead, the pool creates an expired version of these tokens.
  2. Lenders can You can lend your PRQ to IQ protocol and earn money. As proof that they have deposited their PRQ into the pool, a person can lend their PRQ to the pool. The lender earns interest on the PRQ of the PARSIQ client who borrows them from their pool.

Subscription as a Service (SaaS), Powered by IQ

Benefit PARSIQBusinesses will be able to seamlessly create blockchain SaaS models using the breakthrough IQ protocol. This will allow businesses from all industries to tokenize their products or services for on-chain consumption.

This is possible with IQ and the introduction a concept known Life Time Value (LTV). Each token that a company tokenizes is assigned an LTV. This gives the token holder the ability to consume a certain amount of goods and services.

This concept allows for almost any item to be put on the Blockchain – from content streaming company to your local marketplace, a company could tokenize its product offerings to assign each issued token an LTV. These examples illustrate how content streamers can issue tokens which allow the token holder access to one hour of content each week for the next 366 days. A local market could deliver weekly fresh fruit, milk, and bread to its customers every week for 52 weeks. The way the company wants to represent its offerings limits the possibilities. Individuals would simply purchase the tokens. The token holder would receive the token’s value for the life of the token by virtue of being a token holder.

Consumers who don’t wish to own tokens but prefer to rent them out can do so through the Protocol’s rental pool. The token’s value can be rented or owned by the consumer. This led to the creation of a subscription model for blockchain.

IQ enables companies and organizations to respond to existing audiences through this approach. AndNew sources of income can be found. It allows businesses to make tailored offers to potential customers, even if they aren’t ready to fully commit to the business’s product.

IQ is also a great tool for crypto projects struggling to deal with existing tokenomic systems. Many projects have difficulty finding a purpose for their tokens once they raise funds. A consumer can be tricked into buying a token for the purpose of purchasing a service. If the transaction can be done entirely using fiat, it doesn’t make sense to go through this intermediary step in this model.

These companies can tokenize their product offerings using the IQ protocol. Incentives Communities can keep project tokens for as long as they are valid, while still receiving the token’s value. Token holders can also earn interest by depositing their holdings to rental pools and earning interest payments. IQ allows a project to create a circular economy and stimulate demand for their token. This ultimately benefits all supporters of the project.

Open, transparent, and free source

IQ is an open-source protocol that can be used by any project to meet their requirements. Companies can tailor the solution to suit their business models. Additionally, implementation costs are minimal and limited to GAS payments.

This model is efficient and simple to adopt. PARSIQCurrently working with more then twenty companies to deploy the IQ protocol. PARSIQ is available to answer your questions regarding how IQ can integrate into your existing business model.

The IQ protocol is used to encrypt encryption projects

Utility tokens are not securities, but can be issued

  • The system is transparently designed to ensure that tokens issued using the IQ protocol are not subject to security criteria
  • Services included in the IQ protocol such as risk-free borrowing and lending are completely non-custodial
  • Lenders may voluntarily provide capital liquidity for the protocol and can control their tokens via trustless smart contract.
  • Because lenders or willing borrowers use this service on their own, projects cannot be held responsible for the guaranteed return of the loan pool.

Make it easy and secure to issue tokens

  • There’s no need to worry about complex tokenomics when issuing tokens. IQ Protocol already includes industry-grade security frameworks.
  • Enjoy the ease of knowing that a suitable tokenomics is available for customization and deployment
  • This allows companies to focus on the business logic and execution of the token, without worrying about the technical details.

Visit their main website to learn more about Parsiq and how they are using their unique IQ protocol for the world’s first Saas company. Here.


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