Now is your chance to invest early in WagyuSwap, the next DEX unicorn

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Tokens tied to centralized trading platforms and decentralized exchanges are often a safe long-term investment. WagyuSwap WAG is no exception to this rule. The first significant price rise is only a glimpse at what’s ahead. As the project is only beginning, the recent 86x value increase is a sign of what lies ahead.

WagyuSwap’s momentum intensifies

Anyone who has successfully invested in WAG presales will be relatively happy with the early market developments. It is likely that we will see a significant increase in token values in the coming days. This is usually a sign about what is to come. The WagyuSwap project launched less than a week ago and had already seen a substantial increase in prices over this period. This is not surprising if you are familiar with the project’s plans and what it is currently building.

With WAG being priced at $ 0.01, the token sale was made from the two largest launch pads in blockchain. After the WagyuSwap team made a smart decision to respond to multiple ecosystems instantly, users could purchase WAG from ETHPad and BSCPad. Due to the potential of the ecosystem and the technology it powers, the dual platform IoT sold out quickly.

It is not a pump and dump currency, so there is a reason for the first price spike. The project, which is the first decentralized cryptocurrency exchange built on the Velas blockchain and a forked version Solana with full EVM support, can provide a unique DeFi user experience. To help build the first decentralized exchange using this blockchain, the Velas Network provided the largest grant it had ever given to WagyuSwap.

Even though decentralized finance is not yet widely adopted by the industry, the growing success of it is obvious. This level of adoption is possible with WagyuSwap’s simplified cryptocurrency concept.

A powerful tech stack and a bright future

There are much more to WagyuSwap than being just another decentralized trading platform, as the team also provides a platform for future Velas-based projects to add liquidity and start trading. WagyuSwap technology allows users to connect tokens across multiple blockchains at lightning speed and almost zero fees. This cross-chain compatibility will be available to all blockchains that have Ethereum Virtual Machine compatibility. This will allow for unprecedented interconnected trading.

The WagyuSwap team has created attractive farm rates of return and APYs to entice users into WagyuSwap. This platform’s cross-chain nature will be a key part of these proceedings. The goal is to remain extremely competitive on all rewards and unlock greater profit potential for users.

Everybody can now invest in the next decentralized exchange, WAG, as it is listed on both PancakeSwap & Uniswap. Those who missed out on investing at PancakeSwap or Uniswap have a new opportunity to join WagyuSwap. This new opportunity offers investors new opportunities. Opportunities to invest early on powerful platforms won’t come along often as DEXs continue to gain marketshare on centralized platforms.

WagyuSwap, a forward-thinking company, is working to create a sustainable future in cryptocurrency. Thanks to a recent Partnership with Brokoli, all DEX users can help offset the carbon emissions generated by decentralized financial activities. WagyuSwap dashboard gives users the ability to view real-time climate options. This adds another layer of DeFi innovation and innovation to this project.

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