Rocket Launchpad launches NFT $GIF gaming token after Tezotopia Marketplace sells

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NFTs are one the most significant developments in DeFi’s emergence. They have created a new trend in the market that has not been seen since the cryptocurrency bull rush in 2017. Many interesting questions have been raised about NFT. NFTs may be revolutionary because they can identify value in the gaming world. NFT gameIt is one of crypto’s most popular areas. The field’s leaders are creating digital worlds with self sustaining economies using in-game NFTs. These NFTs deliver tangible value in the wider marketplace and allow participants to monetize the time they spend playing.

Tezotopia Marketplace sells within 20 minutes

A rising leader Gif.gamesTezotopia is a Marketplace and NFT-game that allows users to trade virtual assets and play in a virtual world using Unobtainium (UNO), which will soon have its own market value. Tezotopia Marketplace launched August 9th and was sold out within 20 minutes. The initial amount raised was $ 76 514, which was used for various game assets.

The NFT game has great potential

NFT art was a hit with the crypto market’s first quarter, and now gamers are finding new interest in game-based titles to win such as Axie Infinity or Tezotopia. Hardcore and casual gamers. NFTs made more than $1.2 billion in July 2021 sales and the dApp user count has increased over the past month.Increased by 23.72%With more than 1.4 million unique daily users

This huge growth can be attributed a variety of factors, but the most significant is the revolutionary nature of in-game NFTs. In-game items are a great way to make money in virtual worlds. But, until now, they have no tangible value beyond the game. NFTs in-game allow players to control and own their gamesThey can now see what they have, in a way that is unlike anything before. NFTs use blockchain technology to verify the authenticity of items. This allows these items to not only be kept in-game, but also allow players to trade or sell them on the open market.

Tezotopia: explore, dig, create

TezotopiaThis is an open-world NFT platform and marketplace for Tezos based virtual assets. Tezotops, which are digital territories, can be traded and bought and sold. Additionally, players can create virtual assets with the in-game cryptocurrency Unobtainium. To create new Tezotops in the futuristic world map, players will need Unobtainium (0.5 UNO/50 energy points) during their futuristic journey. Unobtainium can also be used by players to create machines and combat units.

UnobtainiumIt will not only have full in-game utility but it will also be an FA2 token that has liquidity and is backed by Tezos. UNO has a maximum stock of 333,333. It can be purchased on the Quipiswap Exchange. These mechanics allow players trade, barter, trade, and trade outside the boundaries of Tezotopia. took full advantage of the NFTs available with Tezotopia. symbolises all minerals and energy through Unobtainium. This allows its players to use their NFTs in any environment. Game.

$ GIF Governance Token – IDO was accepted as a Silver member of the Blockchain Gaming Alliance after the successful launch Tezotopia. is currently preparing to launch an IDO (intermediate delivery order) for its $ GIF governance token, with a partner. Launch pad for rockets, on Tezos August 28, 2021.

$ GIF is a governance tokenAll current and future blockchain titles. Holders of $GIF will be able to participate in new project proposals and vote on matters that affect Tezotopia or other future titles. In-game perks, early access and airdrops, as well as other perks, will be available to $ GIF holders. Anyone interested can purchase $ GIF at a discounted price through the IDO. You can find out more about the supply and allocation tokens here. Find out more.

What’s next for has accomplished a lot in the last month and is now preparing for what lies ahead $ GIF listed on Tezos DEX QuipuSwapFollowing the IDO’s completion, which began on August 28, IDO funds will be used for game development, to bring in more artists and developers to expand the universe of The Tezotopia dApp will be completed following the IDO to allow players to create unique NFT assets, in addition their Tezotop blocks.

Later in the year Gif.gamesTezotop will drop $ 10,000 GIFs from Tezotop to the 400 block owners of Tezotopia. They also plan to collaborate with talented artists of the Tezos NFT network. Holders of $ GIF tokens have access to the Beta Test battle platform and will be able announce a new game title later in this year.

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