Multinational payments giant Visa acquires Cryptopunk NFT $ 165,000 in ether

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Visa, one the world’s most valued companies according to market capitalization has announced that it purchased a non-fungible token from the Cryptopunks Collection. Visa’s official twitter account revealed to its 114,000 followers that it paid 49.5ethers ($ 165,000), for Cryptopunk #7610.

Visa is a fan non-fungible token trade

On August 23, the California-based multinational financial services company explained that the company had purchased a Cryptopunk to add it to the company’s “collection”. Visa said that she is a long-time collector of rare and historical items and believes that the trade on non-fungible tokens will bring a new era to collecting.

“Over the past 60 years, Visa has built a collection of historic business artifacts – from the first paper credit cards to the zip-zap machine,” Visa News TweetMonday. “Today, as NFT commerce enters a new era, Visa welcomes Cryptopunk #7610 to our collection.”

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Visa and NFT: “Engaging Today’s Crypto Fans”

The third week’s top-selling project is Cryptopunks. StatisticsIt was shown that Cryptopunks sold $ 28.1 million of the 168 products in the past seven-days.

Visa News said, “We support creators, collectors, and artists who are leading NFT commerce’s future,” highlightedFollow us on Twitter. “Want to know more about NFTs and how you can integrate them into your brand strategy?” Check out the latest news from Visa on assessing and scaling crypto art, ”the Twitter account said, sharing a Visa articleTVN.

Multinational payments giant Visa buys Cryptopunk NFT for $ 165,000 in ether

The report, “Engaging Today’s Fans in Crypto and Trading”, examines non-fungible tokens and concludes NFTs could be the future of trading. “Commerce is changing and innovations such as crypto and NFTs have the potential to shape sports, entertainment and other communities in the future,” the Visa report points out. The Visa NFT Report continues:

NFTs are a deeper and innovative way for fans and organizations to connect and potentially generate new revenue. There are many things to consider when integrating NFTs, as this is a new area.

The official Visa News Twitter account did nothing to investigate this, other than adding Cryptopunk #7610 to its “collection.” This could indicate that Visa may have more NFTs than is known to the public. The NFT #7610 Collectible Cryptopunk currently belongs the Opensea “Wrappedcryptopunks-escrow

What do YOU think of Visa’s purchase of a six-figure NFT Cryptopunk by a finance company? Please comment below on your thoughts about this topic.


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