Lloyds, a multi-billion-dollar financial services company, seeks to hire a digital currency expert

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Lloyds Banking Group is currently seeking a ‘digital currency’ recruiter. This is the UK parent company to Lloyds Bank. [and] senior director of innovation, ”according to a recent job listing posted on the BYP network. Lloyds is a global financial services company with over $ 500 billion of assets under management (AUM). The new job posting in digital currency highlights that the employee will be working with the company’s mobile banking network which has “over thirty million customers.”

Lloyds Banking Group hires “Senior Digit Currency & Innovation Officer”

A list of available jobs PublishedBYP Network reports that Lloyds Banking Group is in need of a digital currency expert. Lloyds notes that the company’s Payments Liquidity & Settlement team is a new venture capital unit and that the group and the “global banking relationship network” say they are “looking to the future, digital currencies” .

Multi-billion dollar financial services firm Lloyds seeks to hire digital currency expert

This job listing follows the recent wave that Fortune 500 companies are seeking to hire digital currency experts such as Amazon. AppleWalmart just announced that it is now a retailer. Looking atYou can also apply for a lead in cryptocurrency.

“The outlook for digital assets has changed dramatically as a number of factors converged to prepare them for the possibility of wider adoption,” Lloyd’s job listing says. “Regulatory clarity is improving as central banks actively explore digital currencies. 86% have started pilots and some geographies such as China are about go live.

The candidate for Lloyds must be able understand cryptocurrencies. Ideally, the candidate should be based in Birmingham or Edinburgh or London.

A person interested in working for Lloyds should have a solid background in payment products and “first-hand experience and knowledge of digital cryptocurrencies and related technologies”. The candidate for the Lloyds digital currency expert should have a good understanding of current market and fintech services. Along with all of these requirements, the candidate should “communicate complex ideas, proposals, problems and implications in a concise manner to colleagues at all levels and to a range of business partners”.

Lloyds notes that the base salary for this position is £ 59,040 per year and £ 87,600 per year or $ 120,000. Lloyds will offer benefits to potential employees such as:

  • A discretionary performance bonus
  • Generous retirement contribution
  • 30 days off + public holidays
  • Flexible kitty (4% base salary) for benefits
  • Private health coverage
  • Business benefits and advantages that are greater

Bitcoiners can also visit the r/bitcoin subreddit forum. These topics were discussedLloyds recently posted a job listing for a digital currencies expert. One person mentioned that the bank caused them difficulty to purchase. BTCThe old days. “I had such a hard time trying to buy bitcoin through my Lloyds account. I needed to speak to someone from [the]High-ranking antifraud team. I was toasted about my volatility, long game, and other things. I was polite, but if they weren’t so English, I would have told them not to fuck themselves. I removed most of it ”, the Redditor Noted.

Lloyds’ list of digital currency expert positions further states that if the candidate has the skills mentioned above, the bank would “ideally” like the employee to reside in Birmingham, Edinburgh or London. These sites are our main payment hubs but applicants from all parts of the UK are welcome,” Lloyds job posting concludes. The job listing also includes a remote icon that indicates the possibility of the position being filled from a remote location.

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