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Greatjoy Nadlovu, a Zimbabwean artist has joined the growing ranks of African artists using the non-fungible token (NFT) market. His digital work was purchased for 0.7 Ethereum. Ndlovu’s first venture into digital art was this sale at the Async Art NFT Marketplace.

NFTs, a chance for African artists

According to a ReportNdlovu’s digital artwork Burnt Out, which is called “Burnt Out”, describes the difficulties faced by healthcare workers trying to stop the spread the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ndlovu also stated that he hopes that his breakthrough in NFT will “inspire many young developers to take the leap, and test the market for their own.” According to the artist – who is also an ambassador for SOS Children’s Villages – NFTs represent an “alarming and bright future” for African art creators.

Artists embrace NFTs

Ndlovu now joins Nyasha Warambwa, Indigo Saint, and Nyasha Warambwa, who were the first artists in Zimbabwe to adopt NFTs. Warambwa, also known as “Hulio”, is also known as Warambwa. Would haveSocial media revealed that his NFTs were sold for 1.55 ETH(Or more than $ 5,700 at current price).

Indigo Saint, on one hand, reported that it sold its NFT within four hours of listing. The works were sold “at a price of 50 SOUL pieces which was valued at US $ 29 that day”.

However, despite the positive comments of the three artists on NFTs by Zimbabweans on social media, some Zimbabweans are worried about a bubble. For example, a Zimbabwean social media user known as Link Marine remarked: “[An] The NFT crash is imminent… in a few months, if not a few weeks.

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