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PRESS RELEASE. Molecule, a distributed biopharmaceutical marketplace has created a new IP to NFT framework with technology innovator Web3 nevermined. The first ever biopharmaceutical IPNFT was transferred to VitaDAO to help fund new longevity therapies at University of Copenhagen in a landmark transaction.

Aug 18, 2021, Basel, Switzerland – NFTs will be used for the transfer intellectual property in medical research for the first time ever in history. This unique step is the result in partnership between the biopharmaceutical IP market and the NFT market. Molecule, VitaDAO, a decentralized group (DAO), that funds longevity research and the University of Copenhagen. This innovation is possible because of a revolutionary storage solution for data created by the innovators of web3 technology. It’s time to go.

VitaDAO, Nevermined, and Molecule Overcome The Challenges in the Biopharmaceutical Sector

Early stage biopharmaceutical and medical research is essential for sustaining advances in medicine. Many biopharmaceutical areas are plagued by underfunding and commercialization problems that hinder innovation reaching patients. Researchers face problems due to legal complexity, insolvency of intellectual property assets, and a lack of access to investors.

Web3 technology can be used to create new websites. MoleculeIt creates a world in which researchers have access to an open marketplace that allows them to discover and fund innovative research. Drop itData storage and access control frameworks have created new ways to deal with and access data rights related to intellectual property.

VitaDAO became the first to benefit from this breakthrough. The collective used Molecule’s NFT protocol as well as the IP framework to acquire the intellectual properties resulting from the longevity research at the Danish laboratory Scheibye-Knudsen. They then transferred ownership to VitaDAO.

Paul Kohlhaas is the CEO of the molecule declared:

“These NFT transfers mark a historic milestone for both NFT and the biopharmaceutical space. This is the first blockchain transaction in which real-world pharmaceutical intellectual assets can be traded, while also serving as a DAO.

Combine legal frameworks with Web3 interoperability

Death Valley, a phenomenon that plagues the initial research phase, is where funding is scarce. This means many promising discoveries do not make it to market. Molecule is creating a market for biopharmaceutical intellectual properties.

A specialized technical framework integrates legal agreements such IP licenses with NFT technology, decentralized secure data storage networks, and NFT-assisted NFT. Accounting for property rights on Ethereum MoleculeBuilds a market to sell liquid biopharmaceutical research and intellectual property via NFTs. Biotechs and researchers can list their discoveries and receive funding through DeFi. They can also connect directly with patients. Paul Kohlhaas also added:

“IP NFTs can effectively replace patent models, and become new drivers for value through Drop itData storage frameworks. We hope to enable a myriad of use cases like this, focusing first on longevity and sanity and then largely becoming a sort of “OpenSea” for biotech NFTs that help empower new ones. VitaDAO is one example of a research organization.

The web3 space is also seeing new opportunities for funding research and collaboration. VitaDAO is a “Decentralized Autonomous Organization” which collectively funds research projects on early longevity via its community contributors. In June 2021, she raised $ 5.5 million from hundreds of people via a Gnosis batch-auction – putting the organization in the hands her community. Its mission is to finance promising longevity research efforts and decentralize ownership.

Do you want to live forever? You can get NFT to do that.

Complex requirements for accessing, transferring and storing IP files require more than a standard NFT. Drop itIt has set up an access control module to create NFTs with Molecule. These NFTs allow parties in a transaction to interact with protected search data underlying the transaction through federated acces control. This use case can be used in many different industries, including the pharmaceutical sector.

Nevermind CTO Aitor Argomániz declared:

“Access control allows creators and owners of digital assets to attach conditions to an NFT. You can think about pricing, verified users, privacy settings, and so on. It also acts as a gateway so that only those who meet certain conditions have access to the underlying documents.

The module is compatible with all technologies. This allows applications establish secure and critical connections among Ethereum, AWS (eg AWS), Arweave (eg Arweave) and cloud (eg AWS). This is the only method to ensure a Certificate of Authenticity that is both permanent, traceable, and confidential.

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