Russia sentences mining equipment thief to a 3-year sentence

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Russian authorities have been investigating a variety of cases that involved the theft of crypto mining hardware in recent months. Yaroslavl’s resident was recently convicted for stealing mining equipment valued at more than $20,000 and sentenced to three year imprisonment.

Russian accused of stealing mining equipment sentenced to imprisonment

A 34-year-old Yaroslavl man, located 250 kilometers northeast from Moscow, was responsible for the robbery of equipment used for mining cryptocurrency. Forklog reported that the equipment was worth 1.6 million rubles (nearly $22,000). Announcementby the regional prosecutor’s office.

Mining equipment thief receives 3-year sentence in Russia

Investigators were able establish that the accused entered a friend’s garage in February to retrieve the devices. Later, he attempted to strike digital coins by himself, but failed in his attempt to set up the equipment correctly.

After the assailant had admitted his guilt, Zavolzhsky District Court sentenced him with a three years suspended prison sentence and a three years probationary period. The owner has already received the stolen mining rigs.

As an alternative source of income, cryptocurrency mining in basements and garages has grown in popularity in the Russian Federation in recent years. Because this requires the use of high-end computer equipment, crime related to the theft of mining equipment has also increased.

In August, six rigs and 30 video cards were taken by neighbors from a Kursk room belonging to a crypto miner. Kurskie Izvestia reported that the equipment was worth more than 4,000,000 rubles, or nearly $ 55,000 According to police, the thieves could face up to seven years in prison.

Forklog noted that Irkutsk has seen a number of similar cases. A 21-year-old man was arrested by law enforcement officers for stealing mining equipment valued at 120,000 rubles (more than $ 1,600). He was arrested just days after the police made his arrest. brokenA group of several people were responsible for the theft of approximately two dozen mining equipments worth around 2 million rubles (about $27,000).

According to a recent report, Russia holds 6.84% of the world’s hashrate. This is due to the fact that many regions of Russia have access to cheap electricity and cool climates. Home crypto mining is also possible because the prices for household electricity are cheaper than those in many other countries.

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