Microsoft presents the Argus Project to combat piracy using Ethereum

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Software piracy platforms remain the top performers for the office productivity suite as well as the Windows operating system. So it’s not surprising that Microsoft is taking action to counter piracy using anti-piracy measures that are backed by Ethereum.

Microsoft’s research services released a new version of their recent survey. DocumentThis included contributions from other researchers at Alibaba University, Carnegie Mellon University.

The document revealed that the software company has created a blockchain-based reward system in order to boost its anti-piracy campaigns.

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The title of the research is Argus: A Fully Transparent Incentive System For Anti-Piracy Campaigns. This implies that Microsoft will be relying on the transparency of blockchain technology in its new system.

Argus is a protocol based on Ethereum blockchain. It offers an incentive mechanism, without trust, that allows for the creation of a new protocol called Argus. It will also protect the data of any hacking journalists who are not known or secret.

Here’s how the Ethereum-powered antipiracy program will work

This issue should be seen as a problem of shared systems, according to the document. It also reveals that there are certain obstacles that must be overcome in the actual application. Only the final appearance would provide the desired security, not full transparency.

Argus allows pirated content and provides a watermark algorithm.

Each content leak report, also known to be evidence of leak, comes with a procedure that hides the information. The only person who can report the exact tattooed copy is the informant.

The system has inducement-reducing measures that discourage informants from repeating the same content under different aliases.

According to the newspaper, Argus’ security and functionality are sufficient to allow anti-hacking campaigns to be carried out in real-life situations. He says that the transition from a transparent incentive system to an effective solution is the most likely.

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This document describes the challenges of fees in Ethereum networks and records the team’s optimizations of many crypto operations.

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This significantly reduces the cost for hacking reports to execute 14ETH transfer transactions on Ethereum public network. The developed form is still a large number of transactions.

Tech companies are now concerned about digital piracy and protecting intellectual property. Tech Mahindra, a subsidiary of Mahindra Group in India, has recently published a report about its fight against piracy.

The company launched its new platform, which is based on blockchain-based digital rights. The platform is built on IBM’s Hyperledger protocol and is designed to increase the entertainment and media industries.

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