Mayoral candidate vows to make New York the most cryptocurrency-friendly city in the US

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Curtis Sliwa (candidate for mayor of New York) said that he would make New York “the most crypto friendly city” if elected. He joins an increasing number of mayors and mayoral hopefuls in the growing adoption cryptocurrency.

New York will be the most crypto-friendly City, according to the Mayoral Candidate

Curtis Sliwa, a New York City mayoral candidate, shared his vision of making New York the most crypto-friendly city in the United States. .

He tweeted on Wednesday: “As mayor of New York, I will make New York the most crypto-friendly city in the country. In crypto, property taxes, fines, and fees will be paid. We will open more cryptocurrency ATMs and encourage crypto-accepting businesses. We must modernize the economy and make it available to all.

Mayoral candidate vows to make NYC the most crypto-friendly city in the United States

Sliwa isn’t the only candidate for New York City mayor who wants to see the city become an international crypto hub.

Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President, was also a candidate for mayor. In June, Adams promised that New York would be “the central of all technology” and “the bitcoin centre”. Silwa won the Republican Mayor’s Primary while Adams won the Democratic Mayor’s primary.

Andrew Yang, an ex-presidential candidate, was also running to be mayor of New York. He promised that he would invest in the city to make it “a hub for Bitcoin and other crypto-coins.” currencies “. Yang is also a supporter of the Universal Basic Income, or UBI, and wants to create “the largest basic income program ever created”.

A few other US mayors have also made efforts to encourage the adoption of cryptocurrency and bitcoin. Jackson, Tennessee’s mayor, recently stated that the price of bitcoin is now a “debatable” matter. BTCAs the Fed continues printing money, it will continue to rise. He thinks bitcoin is “definitely the future monetary system”.

Miami, Florida mayor, is trying to get his city to authorise payments BTCPerhaps he will keep some bitcoin in the treasury. Cool Valley’s mayor, Missouri, is raising funds for bitcoin donations to all residents of his city.

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