Lukashenko urges Belarusians, rather than strawberry picking in foreign countries, to mine cryptocurrency

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Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus, advised workers to stay home and not to migrate to take low-paid jobs in Germany or Poland. The Belarusian leader referred to an alternative source for income, noting that Belarus has enough electricity to fuel cryptocurrency mining.

Lukashenko calls for Belarusian workers, not to work on foreign farm farms, but to build mining farms.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus’s President, encouraged employees to use the surplus electricity to mine crypto currency during a meeting at JSC Belaruskali. The head of state pointed out that Belarusian workers do not want to be sent abroad, except for agricultural jobs.

“You have to understand, they’re not waiting for us anywhere. And if someone is, it may be in the plantations, ”Lukashenko warned in a report. Videoposted by the ервогоTelegram chain. Forklog and RBC, a Russian economic news portal, quoted his speech. Lukashenko claimed that guest workers “squirmed” on strawberry farms in Poland or Germany.

The Belarusian leader traveled from Belarus to Pietrykaw in the Gomel region. He attended the opening ceremony for an extraction and processing facility. The president made a few observations and asked his audience to use the space and abundant energy available to build greenhouses. He concluded by saying:

Make something about electricity. End up mining cryptocurrency, or whatever its name may be. There is plenty of electricity in the country.

Belarus legalized crypto-related activities, including mining, through a presidential decree which was in effect from March 2018. Alexander Lukashenko suggested in April 2019 that bitcoin farms could possibly be built at the nuclear plant. To make use of excess electrical energy from the nuclear power station, the region of Grodno and the Lithuanian frontier are covered.

Belarusbank, the country’s largest banking institution launched a service that allows users of Visa cards to buy and sell digital currency. In March, however, the Belarusian president suggested that the regulatory framework for controlling cryptocurrency use would be tightened. He cited China’s experience as an example. in building a digital society.

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