Launch of the DeFi XSWAP platform at the ABEY Foundation via ABEYCHAIN

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The DeFi platform was recently launched by the ABEY Foundation. XSWAPOn the ABEYCHAIN ​​blockchain. XSWAP can be used as both a decentralized exchange platform, DEX, and a decentralized financial (DeFi), platform. The ABEY Foundation is proud to present the XSWAP Platform, the first of many DApps that will be built on the platform by members of the ABEY development community. The ABEYCHAIN ​​ecosystem itself offers an alternative to blockchains like Ethereal, which is home to a host of DApps. XSWAP is an alternative for the inefficient and expensive XSWAP. EthereumNetwork.

XSWAP provides solutions to market issues that have negatively impacted DeFi communities. These problems are solved by XSWAP, which invents a new trading system that is almost unheard in the market. It uses both an automated liquidity protocol, as well as an “automated market maker” to solve very important issues with legacy crypto exchanges.

Its automated market maker software operates without the involvement of any central intermediary. It determines the price for each token based upon the supply and demand. Use the ratio of the number of parts in various pull-ups to determine “supply” and “demand”. The result will determine the price. This is done by using a proprietary mathematical algorithm that is part of the XSWAP protocol.

Ready to go?

XSWAP is currently in operation. All ARC-20s can be used to integrate the decentralized trading and finance platform. Cross-chain assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are supported by XSWAP, along with DOT, DOT, AST, and BNB. XSWAP supports non-custodial opensource wallet services of MetaMaskThe ABEY wallet, which must be run on the XSWAP Platform.

XSWAP’s first automated liquidity protocol in the trading world is the XSWAP Automated Liquidity Protocol. A protocol that allows the buyer or seller to close a transaction even if they are not present. Traders can become Liquidity Providers (LPs), by using XSWAP’s liquidity protocol.

XSWAP users have the option to contribute digital assets in return for an Annual Percentage Yield (APY). These assets are transferred to the user’s preferred pool of tokens, which is provided by XSWAP. Users have the option of accepting their APY using the native token of the XSWAP or XT or any other token of your choice.

Launch of the native token for XSWAP and XT

The native XSWAP token XT, launched with an August 17th 2021 airdrop. The tokens were in such high demand that the airdrop was completed in a matter of hours. To meet growing market demand for XT coins, the team will continue to run airdrops. XSWAP’s liquidity extraction feature will allow for distribution of 1.2 billion XT tokens.

Holders of the XT token are entitled to vote on any development or change that takes place on the platform. Trading on XSWAP is possible with the XT token. Users will need to own XT to pay for the “gas” charges on the network, which vary depending on network traffic at the time of the transaction.

Users will need a supported Wallet like MetaMask and the ABEY 2.0 wallet to trade on XSWAP. These wallets will allow traders to exchange with other users on the XSWAP Exchange.

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