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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Square CEO, spoke Friday about Square’s decentralized exchange called TBD’ or ‘TBD. BTCDEX. Dorsey tweeted the first mention of DEX in July that the company was “determined”. [TBD’s]Management and he also shared a thread on Twitter written by Mike Brock (the Square TBD manager).

Jack Dorsey shares the’management’ of TBD with Mike Brock

Jack Dorsey spoke a lot on the next steps Square took to create a hardware wallet as well as a decentralized currency (dex). Bitcoin (BTC).Platform called TBD. Dorsey tweeted Friday about TBD and shared comments from the project manger Mike Brock. “We have established the direction for @ TDB54566975. Please help us create an Open Platform to create a decentralized Exchange. [bitcoin], Dorsey Tweet. The tweet that was shared by TBD Manager Not noted:

There has been much speculation about what TBD means. Our team has been working together for the past few weeks to determine what needs to be done. We are finally ready to share our direction and have some questions. We believe bitcoin will become the internet’s native currency. While there are many initiatives to make the internet less decentralized, our focus is on a healthy global financial system for all. However, to include everything we need a few pieces we feel are missing.

Resolve current issues and eliminate barriers to entry

Brock added that to get bitcoin there are “centralized and custodial services” like Square’s Cash app or Coinbase. These platforms can be prone to problems and not all users will have access to them.

Brock insists that this problem is what TBD aims at solving and that the platform’s goal “facilitates the funding of non-custodial portfolios anywhere in the world through an platform.” It will make it possible to create exit ramps and access to bitcoin. This is referred to as a [decentralized]exchange for fiat. Brock added:

As we stated, the platform will be developed in open-source, open protocol, and public. Any wallet will be able use it. TBD has no control over the governance or foundation models. Without permission, or bust.

Brock also mentioned RSK platforms to “make Bitcoin native from the top to bottom” Brock’s tweetstorm also mentioned the Lightning Network, saying that there must be “a Lightning Network.”[solution]For the exchange infrastructure between digital assets such as stablecoins. Bluesky’s Dorsey has a team of developers who are also building a social media service that Twitter can adopt.

What do you think about Square’s attempt at creating a native Bitcoin dex app called TBD. Let us know your thoughts on this topic in comments below.

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