IPFS Harbour: “We aim be the world’s leading provider storage ecosystem services”

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The future of technology will not only change the way we pay bills or communicate, but also how we live in cities and how we move around. Smart cities, IoT, and other large-scale innovations are all around the corner. More people are concerned about data security. Google and other large companies will have control over every aspect of our lives. Is there an alternative?

Decentralized projects have shown us that blockchain technology has made it possible to store data and money in a more efficient way. The world needs more ambitious infrastructure solutions to ensure a shared, decentralized future. Let’s take a look at one of these Sichuan-born initiatives, and see how it plans on solving our data security problems. We can also learn how we can get involved right away.

Question: What is IPFS Harbor and cloud storage from large tech companies different?

A:IPFS Harbor is a decentralized storage hardware production and sales company that is focused on becoming the world’s most trusted provider of IPFS storage ecosystem services.

We offer R & D of decentralized storage hardware and IPFS system, as well as marketing and custodian services.

We offer lower storage and transmission costs than large tech companies. We also have professional options to protect data from loss.

Question: Who are your competition?

A:Our competitors are centralized providers such as Google, AWS or Baidu Cloud. IPFS is unique as it solves some of today’s shortcomings in centralized storage. Filecoin is an incentive layer in IPFS. It encourages users to store their data and establish a decentralized internet.

Our current product is designed to provide professional hardware equipment and custom software systems to ensure data security and incentive for our customers.

Question:Who can join the network, and for what purpose? Could it be individuals interested in cryptocurrency, small businesses, or corporations? What are they likely to find?

A:Anyone can join the network. They just need IPFS installed on the client side. As a customer, this would be the best method to store data and also ensure data stability.

Question: Do you intend to issue your own currency such as bitcoin?

A:Our company is a provider decentralized storage solutions. Therefore, we won’t consider issuing our own currency. Filecoin, the only recognized currency within the IPFS ecosystem, is used. We will be focusing on the decentralized field as well as the implementation of web 3.0.

Question: We found out that you are interested in storing data for smart cities. Are you going to work with governments? Will citizens be able to access their private data safely?

A:Yes, smart cities are the logical outcome of Web 3.0. Smart cities will require large amounts of data storage. Therefore, we need to offer affordable, safe and stable storage services.

We have entered into technical collaboration with the University’s Electronic Science and Technology Laboratory and we plan to establish a connection very soon.

Because IPFS functionality is distributed, it is safe and secure for citizens. IPFS Harbor is also committed in creating storage applications that are accessible to ordinary users.

Question: Yes, thank-you for your clarification. But is that too much information? Most of the major cryptocurrency cryptocurrencies are having trouble scaling. How are you going to manage all this information while maintaining security and speed?

A:Yes, it is identical to other blockchain projects. Filecoin also experienced the TPS issue, which led to higher gas costs and limited storage. The 7eFilecoin updated HyperDrive 13 in July to reduce gasoline costs, and speed up the process of confirming transactions.

Question: Do you also plan to include any information about upgrading consumption in your digital economy plans? Could you please clarify?

A:COVID-19 has made it possible for mankind to transition into the digital economy. It has produced a lot of data, and should be stored in a secure manner. Filecoin should be the best choice in this instance.

Filecoin is solving the problem of massive data storage in the market.

  1. Storage at a lower cost, and less consumption
  2. The security guarantee provided by the distributed structure of blockchain technology and blockchain technology.

Question:Is it possible to join this network now? Is it possible to register in every country? Are there any preferences?

A:Yes, he can sign up at any time as Filecoin is open for everyone. We have a global marketing strategy to welcome people from all over the world and offer global services.

Filecoin’s business model states that the earlier you sign up, the more incentives you receive. Filecoin is the incentive provision to users who provide storage sooner.

Question: Who are your leaders How did they begin such a large-scale project?

A:Yingqu Wan, president of IPFS Harbor was a graduate of China University of Electronic Science and Technology. He is an expert in microelectronics. He is a senior investor consultant and mentor to entrepreneurs, with extensive experience in business operations. Wan Yingqu was a senior investment consultant and mentor. He conducted an in-depth study of Filecoin’s project and researched the storage market. He found that the storage market was plagued by high costs and low efficiency as well big data storage security problems. Innovation is urgently needed in the storage market.

IPFS Harbor was established on this basis. They are now a follower/builder of Filecoin and aim to expand into global markets.

Question: How is it managed?

A:Filecoin is a distributed storage system that does not require centralization. Some large-scale smart miners already have over 1/10 of the computing capacity. Although there may be many options, the ecosystem and IPFS business model manage the governance and management.

Storage providers have reliable staking mechanisms, locking mechanism, and disciplinary mechanisms that can help to avoid some speculators.

Storage providers don’t have any economic reason to delete user data. It is best to only store user data in accordance the order contract.

Question: Your headquarters is located in Hong Kong. How will tightening Chinese regulations impact your business? Are you expecting other countries will tighten regulations to this?

A: In Chengdu. Our business is not affected by China’s ban of cryptocurrency mining. We offer data storage services, which are legal and have a practical application landing. FIlecoin is also more energy efficient, which aligns with China’s goal of carbon neutrality.

Similar to the above, strong supervision for other countries will not be an issue.

Question:What growth plans does your company have? Are you looking to invest? What countries are you looking to invest in?

A:Our vision is for us to be the global leader in storage ecosystem services. Our focus is on providing personalized services and products that are best for our users. We will also promote Web 3.0 development over the next 3-5 years.

We are currently closing the round of angel financing. The material scale has exceeded $ 10 million. We plan to secure contracts from professional blockchain investment institutions. We are currently expanding the global market. It mainly covers Japan and South Korea, North America as well as Russia and Europe.

Question:You state that your mission involves promoting web 3.0. What role does this play for the average citizen? In other words, how Web 3.0 can benefit a regular user.

A:Yes. Web3.0 is the next generation of the internet and will mark a significant shift in society. All aspects of our lives, including production, security, lifestyle, communication, and security, will change. Web3.0 covers many aspects, including smart cities, autonomous driving, etc. We act as a storage provider and as an infrastructure builder.


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