This project is a battle against censorship and reverses the trend towards the monopoly on big technologies.

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ArGoApp provides a one-stop shop for web and application development to deploy on Censorship Resistant, Blockchain with 100% Uptime

Concerns about censorship and free speech have been steadily increasing over the years. Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple have tightened their grip on the tech sector. Forging a formidable monopoly. This situation is especially dire when it comes to political discourse. Twitter and other popular social media platforms like Twitter are told that they have a duty of elimination to “extremism”, which is a result of the tech monopoly. It all matters.

This “extremism”, although often poorly classified and legitimate speech is often censored. Accounts have been suspended or terminated. Historical investigators, war crime investigators, sex educators, punk artists, and many other people have been in the sights increasingly powerful algorithms that identify and take action against those they consider extremist.

Fortunately, ArGoAppBlockchain technology is used to provide instant access to censorship resistant web hosting. It has been used in all industries, from finance to healthcare. This platform is a significant step forward in a world that is dominated by tech giants. It provides developers with an easy way to access censorship-resistant web hosting. Decentralize websites and applicationsThat eliminates the recurring cost of server hosting, security, and storage.

A better future for freedom expression

ArGoApp’s cloud-based web application hosting and storage platform allows users to stop relying upon expensive subscription plans. Cloud provider giants dominate this industryWith; users can instead enjoy website access and rapid application deployment, with pre-renewed front end web pages and flexible payment options.

ArGoApp is more than just a platform for developers who want to escape the traps of big tech. It offers a serverless platform that allows anyone to build and deploy applications on ArGoApp. controls its site and applications, or even removes them. . ArGoApp offers a permanent platform, uncensored and decentralized that will allow Web3 to thrive in an age where government and business control more of the internet.

Auditable, no downtime

ArGoApp allows developers and users who are not familiar with blockchain technology to explore a future of decentralized web hosting and application hosting. It provides a simple user interface that makes it easy to deploy any Arweave protocol-based application. ArGoApp eliminates the need for programming knowledge and opens the door to millions of developers worldwide to build and deploy web apps on the blockchain. ArGoApp can be used with Jamstack frameworksUsers can choose from major storage protocols such as Skynet, Arweave, IPFS, and others.

Blockchain technology’s beauty is its ability to be verified by nature. Blockchains are publically available and everything with ArGoApp is fully auditable. You can also do the opposite. Recurring centralized server downtimeArGoApp is owned by AWS, whose companies around world have lost millions of dollars in revenue. It is deployed on a decentralized, cloud infrastructure that guarantees zero downtime and eliminates any risk of failures.

Faced with government excess, ArGoApp offers hope through its raysTo developers, institutions, and great thinkers looking to find a place to build and deploy the innovations big tech wants to suppress. ArGoApp is led by a group of Indian stars and partners with other blockchain companies who aim to disrupt the world like Polygon, Skynet or DIA.


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