iBG – DeFi Assured Token POSI Starts Highly Anticipated Yield Farming. Bitcoin News Press Release

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PRESS RELEASE. Singapore – After the highly anticipated launch on PancakeSwap of the world’s only DeFi Assured Token, (POSI), iBG users can now look ahead to the deployment Yield Farming. This will give every community member more chances to grow their wealth and maintain liquidity.

Decentralized finance (DeFi), has opened up many opportunities for investors around world. iBG Finance’s official launch is a way for individuals to take advantage of digital assets and the FinTech revolution.

Today, DeFi platforms use Yield farming to help their members increase their investments and transfer their wealth from one cash source to another to take advantage of lower interest rates. They are more attractive than what they might otherwise be able achieve in traditional financial institutions.

iBG Finance’s intelligent wealth manager application, iBG Robo Advisory combines cutting edge AI technologies to help the industry continue to disrupt and grow in new industries. the world’s first and only DeFi Assured Token, POSI (machine learning) to provide users with the most advanced security protocols.

After the launch of the Binance Smart Chain app, iBG users can expect the following enhancements to their smart wealth management app: You can earn even more interest by yield farming:

  • Unmatched security and investor protection with Insurance (POSI), fully reinsuranced by Lloyd’s of London Syndicates
  • Pancake Swap: Tokens Available
  • The upcoming iBG Robo App app allows for efficiency and flexibility in the management and transfer of DeFi assets.

Recognizing the risks associated with DeFi, Yield Agriculture, iBG Finance’s strategic deployment and efforts ensure strong security features to prevent coin toss. This is the first and only DeFi Assured Token in the world (POSI), and it is a crucial step in ensuring that users can take part in yield farming in a secure environment, without the risk of scams or loopholes. security.

To ensure token holders get a return on their tokens, IBG tokens will work with its Robo Advisor. These tokens will be staked throughout their digital life to ensure that there is a constant demand for tokens.

It is strong TokenomicsiBG continues to innovate to make it easy for the average user to navigate the complex world that is DeFi.

iBG is today’s only insured token (POSI). iBG continually implements security measures within an already secure system in order to help every user participate in fully audited APY pay protocols. iBG is available on the Binance Smart Chain so investors can rest assured that iBG has carefully designed and implemented all necessary protocols, security measures, and frameworks to increase their DeFi wealth. »- Dr Vin Menon, co-founder of iBG.

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