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The Ethereum mainnet has launched the HUMAN protocol. This launch was also completed by The FTX list of HMT (the native symbol of the HUMAN protocol). Gate.ioAugust 10, 2018 – The HUMAN Protocol Foundation has published The HUMAN app: This is the first chance for people to earn HMT for data tagging tasks and the first gateway into the HUMAN experience.

HUMAN Protocol provides the infrastructure, including plug-ins, integrations and APIs, to enable individuals to be hired, managed, validated, compensated, and validated at scale. It is designed to facilitate the creation of global labor market in which any human or machine can post jobs and any worker can perform the tasks associated.

Although the protocol can handle all jobs, most HUMAN tasks produced today through hCaptcha involve image tagging. These tasks are now available in HUMAN, and each HMT can be completed successfully. The HUMAN app will allow for the creation of diverse, relevant, and less biased datasets and will enable a new generation in AI and ML technologies.

This announcement follows the HMT’s CoinList Record Sales Earlier This year. Read this article to learn more about the HUMAN protocol. Introduction.

The HUMAN & HMT apps

The HUMAN protocol has been designed as a broadly applicable technology with implications for many industries. This piece– and those that are related to machine learning or artificial intelligence. HUMAN Protocol is the platform that allows machines to empower people by freeing their time and attention. It also increases access to the global workforce – which, in turn, opens up global opportunities.

The HUMAN protocol has been proven to be a reliable technology. With the HUMAN application, HUMAN can now provide real utility to HUMAN’s ecosystem and network. The HUMAN App is the first way for the community earn HMT for data tagging. A job can be made up thousands or millions of tasks according to the protocol. If a job is to produce a dataset, each job represents the image in that dataset.

The HUMAN App is your virtual gateway to the HUMAN Experience. It begins with data labeling tasks that reflect the majority of the work processed through the protocol. However, it is designed for adaptability to any type work and to reward workers according to the value of this work.

HUMAN Protocol facilitates access to more than just opportunities. ValueEvery day brings new opportunities and rewards for individuals. Anyone can complete CAPTCHAs with the HUMAN app. HUMAN engages the workforce worldwide to provide a clear example of how it is possible and ensures that these tag images are rewarded for their contributions.

How it works

Individuals earn HMT when they participate in activities on the HUMAN app. It begins with registration which earns 1 HMT and continues for each job finished. For example, 1 HMT can be earned for each CAPTCHA that is resolved (i.e. Each tagged photo. To receive HMT or to verify their identity, individuals will need to log in or create KYC-verified crypto wallets.

Each image labeled contributes to a machine’s understanding of the world. The presented CAPTCHAs are easily solved for the moment, but the HUMAN protocol is more specific and requires more knowledge and background.

Visit the HUMAN app to learn more. The website. Follow the team to get the most up-to-date information on HUMAN Protocol TwitterJoin the Discord. You can also contact the for questions about integrations, usage or to learn how HUMAN Protocol supports Machine Learning Technologies. HUMAN team.

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