How VeChain can help businesses reduce carbon emissions

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Recently, The VeChain Foundation revealedThis new tool will be used to increase and improve efforts to reduce carbon emission. It is a key issue in China as the Asian giant has made it a priority to reduce its air pollution to zero in the next decade.

This VeChain-based tool, called the Digital Carbon Footprint SaaS Service (or Digital Carbon Footprint SaaS Service), is designed to help companies reduce their carbon footprint through better data management practices. According to an official article.

Digital Carbon Footprint SaaS Service User Interface. Source: VeChain Foundation

The Foundation claims that its new tool combines decentralized ledger technology with a Software as a Service model. This is how companies can report carbon emissions and it is verified.

VeChain and its tool can help eliminate trust issues in this important area, increase transparency, and improve data collection for supply chains. The data can be used later by companies to identify the supply chain sector that needs to perform better in order to offset carbon emission.

VeChain’s SaaS Digital Carbon Footprint Service allows enterprise users record key data and then integrate it with top third-party insurance providers in VeChain’s network.

The VeChain Foundation says carbon emissions and responsible corporate social decisions have become a “massive global goal”. This has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Consumers need tools that provide reliable information about these key elements. Their solution, the VeChain ecosystem of companies, their fame and their eco-responsible practice all benefit from this technology. The Foundation stated:

VeChain’s services give companies the chance to increase transparency and fundamentally change how consumers perceive carbon labeling. VeChain’s intuitive Digital Carbon Footprint SaaS platform.

VeChain (VET), 50% monthly rally, next possible price target

VeChain’s solution and China’s attempt to migrate to sustainable economies could become more important over the next decade. Decision-making, as the Foundation has said, at the national and corporate level is increasingly becoming “data driven”.

A scalable platform, such as the digital footprint SaaS service, is essential for any business in order to continue operating in a world that requires more transparency and social awareness.

VeChain launched and consolidated several solutions and partnerships in the last few months. NewsBTC reported that VeChain has partnered with the Republic of San Marino in order to provide COVID-19 vaccine certificates. This was made possible by the VeChainThor Blockchain.

Its native VET token appears positive to these events. It recorded a 52% profit for the 30-day charts and a 6.7% profit for the past two week.

After a retracement due to general market sentiment, the VET trades at $ 0.11 as of the time of writing

VET with minor loss in the daily chart. Source: VETUSDT tradingview

VET must recover the $ 0.12 green area, as VeChain Justin, a pseudonym trader, demonstrated in the chart below. This will allow VET to recover support and increase its chances of appreciation. The token could face more downsides and fall below $ 0.10 levels.

Source: VeChainJustin via Twitter


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