How OkLetsPlay is disrupting the esports industry with crypto

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At first, cryptocurrencies or other digital assets were too controversial to be covered by mainstream media. Anarchist currency was not covered by mainstream media outlets. Instead, it was kept alive via discussion forums, IRC chat rooms and electronic mailing lists. These online hubs are also home for videogame enthusiasts.

Gaming industry is not new to virtual currencies. From V-bucks to Primogems, video game studios have long reaped the benefits of microtransaction-based business models using intermediary tokens. People love to invest their money in video games. With the advent of real time game streaming, thousands of careers have been created across the industry. The world.

It is often forgotten that gaming plays a crucial role in facilitating the transition to virtual currency. Game monetization and cryptocurrenciesThis is a match made for heaven. Together, they have the potential for a revolution in the design of games, lowering the barriers to entry and creating more community-driven gaming environments.

Live events in esports saw significant success last year due to rising fears about the COVID-19 epidemic. However, live streaming has helped increase the number of viewers. The eSports market has seen unprecedented growth in revenues.

According to studies, the global eSports market generated $ 1.1 billion in revenues this year. Indicators predict a 45% rise to $ 1.6 million by 2024. According to Newzoo Global eSports market reportAudience sizes also increased 11% this year, reaching over half a million people by 2021.

The Mobile sectorThe rapid growth of the gaming industry has been aided by the rapid increase in smartphone usage. Smartphone games accounted to more than half the global gaming revenue in 2017, thanks to an increase in smartphone use and market penetration. Mobile gaming revenue is expected exceed $ 100 million by 2023.

The United States is one of the largest markets for videogames in the world. In 2020, mobile gaming revenue hit a record $ 10.7 billion. Due to digital innovation and technical advances, the number of mobile gamers is at an all-time high.

OkLetsPlay – The Next Generation Real Money eSports Tournament Platform

OkLetsPlay, a patented eSports platform for casual and competitive gaming on PC, mobile, and consoles with real-money prizes, is OkLetsPlay. The platform allows gamers to win big by playing their favorite games and positioning themselves among two of the fastest-growing industries.

It’s an adrenaline rush and a great game. Ok allows you to playThis makes the experience even more enjoyable and rewarding by allowing players bet on skill-based gaming. This spiced up the mix is that skill is more important than luck in determining whether players can win against an opponent.

OkLetsPlay’s proprietary off-game, peer-to-peer gambling module is fully compatible across all platforms. Their beta test was a great success with over 9,000 players participating in over 4,000 games in 200 tournaments, and more than $ 10,000 in rewards.

OkLetsPlay features

OkLetsPlay has been working with some the most prominent esports organizations around the globe to build, test, and refine its gaming platform.

OkLetsPlay offers many advantages over its competitors.

  • Patented out-of-game betting system
  • Cross-platform access via mobile, PC, and consoles
  • You can play against other players from around the globe for any amount of cash.
  • Provides a rich player community and additional revenue stream to developers and gamers
  • Improved methods for streamers and influencers to engage with communities

OkLetsPlay envisions a world where technology allows people from all over the globe to exchange value without intermediaries and gatekeepers. A world where gaming communities thrive without any restrictions or outdated regulations. LetsBetCoin is the utility token for OkLetsPlay. It is an important element in realizing this vision.

Advanced eSports

OkLetsPlay is an entertainment platform that allows players of all skill and interests to play. It offers a seamless entertainment experience that offers both new and existing players a safe and secure environment.

OkLetsPlay facilitates a simple, secure experience that allows players to compete in an organised fashion to earn real cash. This aims at breaking down barriers for developers, gamers and content creators and opening them up to new opportunities in blockchain gaming and gaming.


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