Hashbon joins DeFi to launch CDEX platform. Binance and Ethereum smart chains will be connected by it.

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Decentralized finance (DeFi), gaining ground in blockchain industry, has led to more projects being launched in the market. The end of 2020 will see the following: Market size for DeFiIt was approximately $ 16 billion. However, the market size has declined to $ 16 billion during the third quarter. Grown upTo a total stranded worth estimated at $ 154 trillion

We have more projects coming on line because of the market’s exponential growth. DeFi Market. These new projects not only go on the market, but they also solve some industry problems. This is the case for Hashbon Fire(Finance Reinvented Ecosystem) As it enters DeFi Marketplace with its Hashbon Rocket decentralized cross-chain token trading platform.

The Hashbon Rocket CDEX platform

Hashbon Finance Reinvented will launch its Hashbon Rocket in September 2021. The Hashbon Rocket CDEX platformTo become the first cross-chain decentralized exchange. This CDEX platform is a pioneering solution to the problem of exchanging any ERC-20 or BEP-20 token for any BEP-20 token using a decentralized financial system. Contrary to traditional decentralized platforms that only allow intra-chain trading, Hashbon Rocket CDEX allows for exchanges between Ethereum Blockchain protocols and Binance Smart chain. The platform will be expanded to include other compatible networks with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

The Hashbon Rocket CDEX platform, will use the Consensus mechanisms for Proof-of-Stake (PoS).. The power to make decisions is determined by the referees or judges. HASH Tokens. The referees will be rewarded for correct answers if they have more HASH tokens than the penalties for incorrect voting. You can read the entire Hashbon Rocket project to learn more. White paper.

According to Grigory Bibaev (CEO Hashbon Rocket), “Inter-chain exchange between EVM-compatible blockchains is only the first step. In the futureWe see Hashbon Rocket, a multifunctional DeFi platform that offers a variety services from DeFi bonds for businesses to loans to staking, as Hashbon Rocket.

Token for Governing Hashbon Rocket (HASH)

HASH TokenIt is a BEP-20/ERC-20 compliant token, and can be tracked via EtherScan/BscScan. It will serve as a utility token for the Hashbon Rocket cross chain decentralized exchange. It is the fuel which empowers all participants in the system. Liquidity providers must pay HASH token-bearing arbitrators to trade on the Hashbon Rocket CDEX platform. These arbitrators will use tokens to vote on transactions and verify them. Tokens may also grant referees the ability to submit proposals to Hashbon.

The HASH token can also be used by people who want DeFi bonds to issue or start a public sales. HASH is currently available on the Pre-saleRocket’s launch is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to take advantage of the price and get into the DeFi ecosystem sooner than later. HASH was previously listed on Uniswap. PancakeSwap. BurgerSwap. CoinMarketCapAnd CoinGecko.

Overview of the Hashbon Ecosystem

Hashbon FireThe crypto payment ecosystem was launched in 2016 The platform was created to make crypto payments accessible to both crypto enthusiasts and everyday business people. As the team seeks a new era of blockchain and decentralized finance development, “Finance Reinvented” (FiRe) has become its mission.

Hashbon’s mission to revolutionize the crypto payment landscape has resulted in a diverse ecosystem:

Hashbon Rocket CDEX platformDesigned to allow cross-chain token exchange.

Hashbon Quant Wallet:This software is designed to facilitate the safe and smooth transfer of cryptos.

Hashbon React payment gateway:It allows merchants the ability to accept payments in more than 30 cryptocurrency without having to pay a commission.


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