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Let’s take an in-depth look at the most pressing issues facing the world today and discuss how we can help. Privateum Can be a pioneer in their resolution.

Confidentiality concerns

“”PRIVACITYThis is one area in which the market seems to have failed, at most to a certain extent. Many companies sell personal data without the consent or knowledge of the subject. Many websites are providing notice and in some cases an opt out option. Instead, we have always balanced the privacy benefits with the costs of providing it. Privacy can sometimes be compromised by other goals.

Robert E. Litan

Because we live in a society that is globalized, we have lost sight on what PRIVACY actually means.

Data security is a major concern in today’s information age. However, the financial sector is a prime target because it processes significant amounts of confidential customer and customer data to support its day-to-day business operations.

Financial service providers are now at risk of data breaches not only from external and internal attacks but also from unintentional errors.

Given the current challenges, PrivateumCreated The first legal protected private wealth management system Privateum ecosystem members can have their assets, transactions and other information managed on a secure network. The network is run under a legal umbrella.

Scams and criminal activities

Freedom comes with responsibility. It opens up criminal opportunities when we allow everyone to do what they want.

It is well-known, that Internet technology has enabled society to achieve higher levels of economic development.

It does not have a central governance in technological implementation or in policies of access and usage. It is accessible from any device, anywhere in the world, and has no geographical or political borders.

While cyberspace has made almost every aspect easier, it also offers new opportunities for crime. Online criminal behavior has now affected millions of people.

  • Cryptojacking– Infiltrate computer systems to divert power and mine crypto
  • 51% attacks – Infiltrate systems and gain 51% access clients of the public Blockchain network to steal cryptocurrency from holders
  • Scams involving ICOs It can deceive thousands of people – 80% are scams, and $ 9,000,000 is lost every day due to cryptocurrency scams.

While Privateum’s Ghost Network ™, It is based upon ‘‘consortiumBlockchain technology ensures that attackers cannot control transaction data or perform fraud operations even if the network has been hacked.

Privateum members (Privateum Ecosystem Partners), who have established relationships to legal entities (Privateum members) are authorized to use the network.

Global economic crisis

It is impossible to face. Management, marketing, innovation, and knowledge – personal, economic, natural, and/or financial Only you can overcome them.

Private initiativeIt is based on the powerful idea of a group of people being able to achieve goals and overcome global problems.

It is well-known the global economy is growing more efficient and creating more value. This means that most people are receiving a smaller percentage. The world is being swallowed by big business.

Our economy is dominated by investor-owned businesses. They aim to maximize shareholder value. This goes beyond appealing to customers and creating jobs, supporting communities, and benefiting societies, ecosystems, and societies.

In the current context Privateum has adopted a community-based sustainable business model called Model of cooperative business, which aims at building a United cooperative financial infrastructure To regain the productivity of large companies

He will provide. Legal Financial, Technological, And InnovativePrivateum members receive support in developing and promoting their activities on a global level.

Privateum products and services

We are stronger when we all work together.

Privateum provides FREEDOMAnd PRIVACYIn a protected environment.

Its blockchain-based system is protected by KYBAnd KYCSome products. Legal partners must verify each member of the business or business partner before they can access the platform.

Privateum Platform offers the following options:

  • Our business partners and cooperative members have legal protection against illegal invasions
  • No transaction fees or taxes for the exchange of assets among cooperative members
  • Local goods and services are available to members who subscribe to the membership to support local partners in business
  • Global business expansion with our trusted network partners
  • Our partners receive financial, technological and innovative support programs to help them grow their businesses.
  • Our asset management programs offer investment opportunities
  • Possibility to receive shares in our cooperative profit

Cooperatives contributed more value to public finances than corporate shareholders.

It is vital that privacy is understood and discussed clearly. How we think about privacy today will affect how it will be enshrined into the laws, policies, and technologies of tomorrow.

Get started designing your future now!PRIVATEUM


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