Fold launches the first-ever AR with free rewards

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To foldThis app offers a bitcoin reward platform that allows you to use bitcoin as a gift card. The app offers bitcoin cashback rewards via its Visa debit and mobile apps. Customers can earn bitcoin for everything they do: save, invest, and spend.

Cardholders have the opportunity to earn up to 100% on every purchase. It was created by Chris Martin and Corbin Pon, Matt Luongo and Will Reeves in 2014. Yesterday’s announcement was made by Fold, the most popular Bitcoin rewards and payment app.

Fold unveils AR Bitcoin Rewards

Crypto gamification has seen a rise in popularity in recent years. This is Press releaseThe company also announced the launch its augmented reality feature and a free plan to its Bitcoin Rewards debit card. Fold Augmented Reality featureUsers can earn bitcoins by exploring their environment. AR is a popular method of bringing crypto to the masses. “Fold users will now have the ability to discover and collect Bitcoin around them, rather than finding rare creatures in nature, like in Pokemon Go. and Arsenal FC present new augmented reality matchday program| and Arsenal FC present new augmented reality matchday program

Fold CEO Will Reeves said, “The Fold AR feature provides consumers with a fun and interactive way to earn bitcoin rewards for their daily spending. Many people are interested in joining the growing bitcoin economy but don’t know where they should start. Fold makes it simple for anyone to get their first Bitcoin, through Fold AR through the app and the Fold card.

Users will be able access AR experiences for a limited period of time this month. During the beta period, the app will offer bitcoin worth approximately $ 100,000 Reeves says that the number could fluctuate depending on the level of user interaction and sponsorship.

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Comparing the new launch to Pokemon Go, Fold design manager Rachel Mersky commented, “Pokemon Go was a phenomenon, it was truly the first of its kind to bring augmented reality into the homes and lives of ordinary people. The world has become a gaming area. We are always open to meeting our users, regardless of whether they are bitcoin experts or novices. There is no better way to do this than to bring bitcoin to wherever it is, and make stacking and winning fun.

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Free debit card activation

The company also announced that all registration and activation fees for its Spin (formerly Intro), debit card have been removed. He stated that all residents of the United States could now use the Fold Card free of charge by signing up for the Spin Level, which offers up to 25% Bitcoin for every purchase.

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