FLIRT INVEST: Is it possible to get +90% per month with FLIRT?

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A few years ago, we published an article on Flirt Investing. After that, we received many messages asking us to verify the business and its 3% daily profit. Today, we will tell you if Flirt Investment is a scam or a sensible investment.

1) Register

According to the company, it was officially registered under the following numbers: 13326826. This information is easy for you to verify. The Registry of England has publicly available information about all businesses. The registration room website is available. can search for businesses with this number or name by entering the search term. You will see that FLIRT INVEST LTD is registered under the exact same number.

The company’s website shows the registration address. Also in the Fill History tab we can check that they really have a capital statement of £ 1million. We can conclude from this that the company does not appear to be a fraud. However, our research continues. The authorized capital will not be contributed to by any scam project, especially this amount.

2) Address

We decided that we would visit the business centre, where the company’s office is, to inspect their office.

The office is situated in central London. It can be assumed that rent and real estate are extremely expensive. It is unlikely that any questionable project would rent this office. However, more people could be granted permission to register in this location. Security confirmed that the business had been registered here. However, it was not possible for anyone to enter the premises without a permit.

3) Other items

We made a deposit even though we were confident in the project’s viability. Our goal was to test the quality of customer service, the speed of payments and how everything works. We asked a few questions of support and got responses within 5 minutes. We made a deposit into Ethereum and decided to withdraw the first profits a few days later. We received tokens within hours after requesting a withdrawal. The project looks like a great investment opportunity. We will continue to monitor the developments of the project.

We advise you not to invest your entire fortune in one project. Be aware of the differences between your investments.


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