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Finder, a product comparison website, released a report. It surveyed 42 financial technology (fintech), and found that their average forecast indicates that they think the litecoin crypto assets will be worth more that $ 200. “By 2021. Charlie Lee launched the crypto asset in 2011 and it has traded at prices ranging from $ 175 to $ 187 over the past three trading days.

Based on 42 fintech experts’ average forecast, Litecoin should reach $ 266 at the end of 2021 News recently reported on predictions regarding the bitcoin price (BTC), ethereum ( surveys reveal that dogecoin (DOGE), and ether (DOGE) are the most popular. Finder expert panels predict that DOGE prices could reach $ 1.21 in 2025 and $ 3.60 in 2030, respectively. Another panel report by states that experts believe ether’s value will reach $ 4.5000 this year and $ 18,000 in 2025. The Finder panel featured 42 fintech candidates. Litecoin (LTC).It is evident that panelists are unanimous. SLDBy the end of 2011, it is expected that the company will be worth $ 266.

However, crypto assets have grown in popularity. SLDIt has lost its position in the top ten positions for market capitalization. Although the crypto asset has been among the top ten competitors for over a decade, it has been pushed back recently by rivals. Today, SLDIt ranks 14th on the market capitalization scale with a market capization of $ 12.53 million. Finder panelists doubt that Litecoin will make it back to the top 10, while 76% of fintech experts think it won’t.

The Finder panel, which discussed Litecoin (LTC).These predictions included Sagi Bakshi (Coinmama CEO), Joseph Raczynksi (Thomson Reuters technologist) and Dr Iwa Salami (University of East London lead professor). 81% of panelists believe litecoin has lost its relevance. However, one person was optimistic about litecoin. SLDHe spoke out more than any other member of the panel and said that his forecasts for each year included “$ 900″, $ 3,000 and $ 6,000.”

One-third believe that Charlie Lee’s sale to litecoin has tarnished its image

John Hawkins, a senior lecturer at University of Canberra, shared with Finder the lowest price predictions. SLDHis prediction is $ 80 per unit. “Litecoin now has little media profile and does not appear to offer any advantage over bitcoin,” Hawkins pointed out. Konstantin Boyko Romanovsky, CEO of Allnodes, stated that SLDThe value of the company will reach $ 180 by the close of the year, and exceed $ 300 by 2025.

“The price of Litecoin doesn’t always seem to correlate with the price of Bitcoin, which is very interesting to watch. It is much more difficult to predict. SLDthe award 10 years later, ”said the head of Allnodes.

15% of Finder panelists think SLDCan be in the top 10 again by the end the year. Charlie Lee said that a third of the group agreed. SLDSale “tarnished litecoin’s reputation”. Nonetheless, some people believe that SLDRyan Gorman, a brand name and co-founder at Trade the Chain is bullish.

“Newcomers will continue to trade Litecoin, as it is one of the first crypto assets that was added to new ramps such PayPal, Venmo and others. This support should be helpful. Gorman stated that the report will continue to be of value, even though it is almost irrelevant. You can access the complete report at Here.

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