Financial war: US seizes Afghan central bank’s $10 billion and suspends US dollar shipments to Afghanistan

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Since the invasion of Afghanistan by the United States in 2001 to expel the Taliban from power, the war in Afghanistan is a very long one. The US occupation of Afghanistan was compared to the mistakes of the Vietnam War, despite a messy exit. The US forces have now left Kabul in large numbers. Reports state that the New York branch the Federal Reserve has taken $ 10 Billion in assets from Afghanistan’s central bank. Last week, the Biden administration stopped all dollar shipments to Afghanistan.

The financial war on Afghanistan is a result of Afghanistan’s ‘disorderly exit’ to the US

The American bureaucrats supporting the invasion of Afghanistan were embarrassed by the war in Afghanistan. 2021Fall of the kabulIt was a messy exit. Critics of the US military-industrial system have compared the wars in Afghanistan and Vietnam to the war in Afghanistan. American President Joe Biden spoke to the American public and said that despite the “messy exit”, there has never been a better time to withdraw American troops.

There has been a steady stream of people since the departure of US forces last Wednesday. Manufacture shortage of US dollars.

However, the number American soldiers returning to Afghanistan has increased since the release. Increased to 6,000. The financial war has not ended for the United States. The assets of the Afghan central banking are worth $ 10 Billion. This is in addition to the US and its allies. According to ReportsAfghanistan’s central bank assets had $ 1.3 billion in gold and $ 361,000 in international currencies. Because the assets are inaccessible to Afghans, they do not allow them access to these funds. tenuousat financial institutions such the New York branch (FRBNY)

FRBNY holds Afghan gold bar worth $1.3 billion, which is more than half the Afghan central bank’s total gold reserves. A Statement consolidatedFRBNY holds approximately $6.1 billion in assets. Because the US government is concerned that these funds could fall into the hands Taliban forces, the Afghan central bank will not see them soon. To keep funds from being stolen by Taliban operatives, the Biden administration stopped shipments of U.S. dollar to Afghanistan last week.

New York Fed, US Banks, and the Biden administration attempt to block Afghan funds from reaching their banks

SourcesPeople familiar with the matter claim that the US has implemented a Afghan financial blockade because the Federal Reserve and other US financial institution “work to block” access. Whatever the reason, the Biden administration as well as allied forces strongly believe that the Afghan government should be sanctioned and monitored for their banking assets. According to a Biden administration official, “The assets of Afghanistan’s central bank in the United States will never be made available for the Taliban.”

The addition of troops since the so-called departure form Afghanistan and the economic sanctions prove that the United States does not want to stop policing the entire world. Afghanistan will likely have problems with the global central bank system’s financial system. This is similar to how many other nations are excluded from the United States bureaucracy’s views. Financial weapons and economic exclusion will be felt by nations like Afghanistan, Venezuela, Turkey and Turkey.

The Biden administration’s suspension of dollar shipments last Wednesday was the subject of a Popular TopicOn the bitcoin-focused forum r / Bitcoin Reddit. Many believe Satoshi Nakamoto’s inventionwas created to override the opinions of central planners and the whims obstructive bureaucrats.

What do YOU think of the US Federal Reserve’s and the Biden Administration’s continued surveillance of Afghanistan with financial weapons. Please comment below on your thoughts about this topic.

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