All we know about fake Banksy NFT was sold for 100 ETH

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Everything about Banksy’s NFT fake story fits together as puzzle pieces. It is also quite mysterious. No one is hurt. This is a wellness story with a twist. Pranksy is the name of the person who bought the fake Banksy NFT. Pranksy is correct. What are the chances? It gets even stranger from there.

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Pranksy is a well-known NFT collector. Twitter gave it a green check mark. This story is made more interesting by his prominence within the NFT community. This person was he targeted? Pranksy bought the play “Great Redistribution of Climate Change Catastrophe” knowing full well there was a risk. Even though Banksy had an official page that mentioned the auction,

Let us quote Gizmondo and the 411:

“The forged digital artwork appeared on Banksy’s official siteTuesday morning, under the now-defunct URL “ The only thing that was visible on the page was a JPEG from what was presumably Banksy’s take on the CryptoPunk hype train. It included the artist’s usual social commentary, this one on the terrible carbon footprint NFT artwork has left.

Banksy’s “To Be Fair” is a fair assessment.Social commentary as it is usually doneThis piece is far more powerful than the one it offers. CryptoPunks has concocted a fraud called Banksy NFT, “Great Redistribution Of The Climate Change Disaster.” The NFT collector was aware that something was wrong right from the beginning.Is it possible?This was Pranksy’s initial reaction.

Who is responsible for the fake Banksy NFT sale?

In the opensea NFT marketplace, the page that hosted the auction was under the name “gaakman”. Le Journal d’Art has informationOn the pseudonym

“Suggestions that Gaakmann might be Banksy because the artist used the pseudonym ‘Bryan S. Gaakman’ when showing a work at RA’s summer exhibition in 2018 seemed overdone. “

Pranksy continued because this is a Banksy pseudonym. The link is from the official site. The NFT collector is bidding 100 Ethereum, orders of magnitude higher that the highest bid at the moment. The offer was immediately accepted. Pranksy accepted the offer immediately.The link was removed by his website. It could be an elaborate hoax.

Pranksy was then informed by someone from the BBC that the Banksy NFT was a fake.I hope I can reach out to the team that represents him. Otherwise, it was fun entertainment today for all of us.Farcevia Twitter. Banksy’s Pest Control Authentication TeamAccording to the BBCBanksy NFT Auctions is not affiliated with the artist.

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Scammed Return of ETH

This Pranky person has been targeted? This is it. This is where it gets strange. Let us quote Decrypt with description:

“Then, in perhaps an equally bizarre turn, the crook Pranksy was rewarded with 97.69ETHIt was just over eight hours later. “I have no idea why.” [he returned the funds]”Pranksy told Decrypt. “I believe I tracked him down, and he’s been made conscious of it.”

Pranksy gave the BBC an even more detailed description of what he was doing. “The persuit” Ways

“The refund was totally unexpected, I think the media coverage of the hack and the fact that I had found the hacker and followed him on Twitter may have prompted him for a refund.

“I feel very lucky when a lot of others in a similar situation with less range wouldn’t have had the same result,” he said.

Here is where the roles changed and Pranksy became a prime suspect. Le Journal d’Art accuses:

“So the question is who organized the sale? Pranksy’s Twitter cover photo is of a red and blue pixelated plane. It looks very similar to the NFT’s crudely rendered design. Pranksy refused to answer any questions about the hoax. “No prank at all,” he told The Art Newspaper. So, did he get ripped? “I think so, but I didn’t have to bid. This was the risk that I took. There is no refund for the blockchain

Pranksy is a pro. He was well aware of the dangers from the beginning.

Our theory about the fake Banksy NFT

Pranksy was sent a message by a mysterious stranger informing him of the once in a life time auction. In Decrypt historyThey have screenshots from the DMs. Banksy and his team have taken screenshots of Pranksy. Banksy and his team wanted to make headlines all over the world and comment on NFT boom, so a well-known art collector was the missing ingredient. Pransky’s popularity in the NFT community and his name make him an ideal target.

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Of course, there is no way for us to prove anything. Banksy’s NFT fake story fits together like a puzzle.

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